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  1. Hi, does anyone know how much it will cost to replace the left front quarter panel? Thanks
  2. Engine buzzing when 'ignition on' but engine is off

    I checked again. It seems that the buzzing is under the right side of the black engine cover (red-circled area). Unfortunately I do not know which part is stepper motor / what is creating the the bee-like buzzing.
  3. Engine buzzing when 'ignition on' but engine is off

    Not sure. All I know is has a turbo diesel engine but I checked others websites, which say Prado has a turbo stepper motor.
  4. Hi guys, I just noticed the engine will be buzzing if I press the 'START' button twice, which is the 'ignition on (turns on all electronic devices)' mode but is the engine is off. The continuous buzzing came just under the plastic cover of the engine and it will remain buzzing until the engine is turned on or the 'START' button is pressed again. Does anyone have the same issue and do you know why the engine is buzzing ? Thanks.
  5. Front Window Vibration when Half open

    Hi everyone! I am new Toyota owner and new to the forum. I bought a new PRADO GXL recently and I thought I've met a very annoying problem. When I lower the front window (passenger side) for several inches, I could notice the vibration/hear the noise probably created by the window glass hitting the window frame. Does anyone had the same problem and how did you solved it? Please kindly provide some advice, thank you!