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  1. Parking Assistance - Front Sensor

    Try steelmate.
  2. Happy lunar new year bro
  3. Fuel consumption

    Me too. Here in NZ, pretty same car same engine with same specifications built by you Aussie, Toyota New Zealand’s website specifies that Aurion requires 95 octane or higher. I don’t get it too! normal compression ration, no direct injection, no turbocharged, no supercharged, why 95 then? 😂😂😂
  4. Fuel consumption

    I’ve been using 95/98 since I own my Aurion never used 91 and I’m thinking of using 91 these days. Now I think I’m gonna just stick with 95:) I bought my aurion three months ago and now I’ve done 8,000 km with it. I usually get around 7.6 l/100km on highway with 95RON and Nulon 5w30 full synthetic oil (Non PAO based oil (doesn’t matter much here)). When cruising, no acceleration, and at 100 kph, I usually get around 6.9 l/100km. By the way, back in my home country, China, the OE engine oil for 2gr-fe engine in a much heavier vehicle, highlander, is 0w20. With 0w-20, the Petrol consumption could definitely go lower. 98 doesn’t provide obvious extra gain than 95 to me. I used it only when I couldn’t find 95 at the gas stations.
  5. 100 CNY = 20 AUD Maybe you can go to a local toyota dealer and show them the part number then probably they could arrange a order from China. Btw your wood trim is awesome!
  6. 70L Fuel tank capacity?

    Yeah I guess it’s ok for a 2014 model though. I just never bothered to go to gas station very often 😂😂😂
  7. 70L Fuel tank capacity?

    Usually less than 40 kms
  8. It’s perfect for a pack of cigarettes and a lighter!
  9. I really enjoy driving my 2014 atx and like it. So i come to this fourm very often and so as a Chinese Camry fourm. One day i found a big difference in a Chinese Camry fourm. For the low line Camry in China, there is a very useful coin box installed on the dash. However, on the same place of a Aussie or NZ model, there is just a blank useless switch board. It’s useless and make the car looks cheap. Therefore, i did some research to see if i can replace it. I firstly try to search it on ebay, amazon, and NZ shopping site Trademe. Nothing found no surprise. Then I tried to find out if i can get one part from a japan imported model. However, I found out that japanese models also don’t have this design. Then I tried to search it on AliExpress which is a China-based international shopping site for cheap stuffs. Nothing found as well. At last, I tried to buy it on which is the biggest Chinese shopping website. I knew i could find it on it and i did find it. Then I asked a fd who would come to NZ that month to order it and bring it to me. Today, he and my coin box arrived and i spent like 5 mins to install it. There is some slight different as shown on pics. It’s due to the difference between left-hand drive design and right-hand drive design i think. It’s not perfect but i am still very happy with it!
  10. 70L Fuel tank capacity?

    Thanks for your reply, Trent. Good morning btw. I’d agree with what you said but 20L (70L - 50L) gas is much more than ‘a fair amount’. Plus, if I do have 20L gas in my fuel tank, the car computer should tell me I got at least 150 kms cruising range instead of usually less than 50 the computer told me. There was one time the cruising range was down to 8 km and the needle directly pointed to the Empty and I used only 53L gas to fuel up. 53L is enough for a 70L tank??? That made me really really confused.
  11. I got really confused with the fuel tank capacity. Every time i fuel up my 2014 atx from the fuel light on (with 30 ish k crusing range) to full (the pump first time stops) takes only 50-51L gas. Is it really normal? The fuel tank of this model is supposed to be able to take 70L!! Any replies are appreciated. Cheers:)
  12. Latest News 2018 Camry New V6 The price is out.
  13. Great car

    If it’s a 2007 model and the dash is getting sticky, good luck to you man. Try search ‘Melting dash in toyota, Mazda, Lexus cars Australia’ Facebook group. It is said that the dash melting problem is like once it starts, the whole dash will get melted very quickly. Personally I don’t have experience with this problem but this problem is a common problem for GSV40 series model. You may need to take it seriously man. Toyota will offer free dash replacement for those cars within 10 yrs old.
  14. Great car

    Here in NZ, my 2014 pre-facelift atx model got a steel rim as the spare. The spare tyre is a Mechelin Primacy LC and seems to be never used.
  15. Cabin air filter - which one?

    Oh man, a Chinese guy is saying not to buy Chinese products while some local guys are saying those cheap products worth a try 😂😂 Respect dudes. But I’d still say we should use decent brands’ auto parts for our own cars. Especially those matainence parts which are important and you don’t see them everyday. If you do think the air is clean enough and don’t worry about the cabin air filter, don’t use the cabin air filter then. Those $5 and $30 filters are different. The material, the manufacturing techniques and the manufacturing standard. There will be endless air keep going through the filter when your driving. That means the filter is always working with a pressure when your driving. 15 AUD is a reasonable price for a decent cabin air filter sold from China, but the 5 AUD one? Well I won’t use it. However, anyway, thank you so much for trusting and choosing Chinese products:) We Chinese do produce cheap and good products but usually they won’t be that cheap