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  1. Hi members, Recently needed to change sway bar end links on my 1998 AE112R-ALPNKQ ALR lift back auto so I decided to change the bushings aswell, so I ordered the whiteline bushings (because I ordered the end links from them aswell) and it was recommended in 16mm so I got 16mm After recieving the product I pulled the old one off and I noticed the old factory swaybar mount has a 17 written on it. Does this mean the old bar is 17mm and not 16mm? (the 16mm didn't fit, and I got a full refund) After that, I decided to use a 17mm and 16mm spanner to see if they fit on the sway bar, and the 17mm fits snuggly and 16mm requires more force than I'm willing to use. Front sway bar doesn't even fit a 17mm, it's way too small. I thought the rear sway was meant to be thicker then front in a fwd car? I contacted two local Toyota dealers and they think the front is a 25mm, but they are very adamant the rear sway bar is 16mm. This car has been In the family since new, i have full history and never changed the factory sway bar. Anyone encountered this? I don't have callipers to properly check the size. All help appreciated, Cheers jf Edit: image shows factory rubber.
  2. Well, that sucks. This is the one i was looking at http://haynes.com.au/prod2212.htm it covers 101, 102, 112 and the zze122, this is the one that covers only 112 and zze122 http://haynes.com.au/prod1899.htm Sorry if linking like this isnt allowed. Cheers jf
  3. Thanks, whats the difference between ae112 and ae112r? I can only find books referencing ae112. Cheers jf
  4. Hi, I'm new to the forums and was recommended to come over from other places, Currently own a 1998 AE112r(corolla CSX, lucifer red, 96,xxx km's, automatic, bug eyed) how ever I'm looking at getting running costs down by doing my own repairs and services on the car, I've got a little experience with repairing and maintaing cars, previously had a ABS problem on the corolla and pinned out the flash code and fixed( apparently blowing a brake light bulb causes abs to turn off). How ever I'm at the point of where I'm looking at getting a hayne's or similar repair manual for the car, how ever i have never looked inside of these manuals and was wondering what information i should expect from it? The stuff I'm mainly looking at is the full service information and brake changing etc. has anyone got experience in these books and could recommend one or could show me a contents page? All help appreciated, Cheers jf