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  1. Hi All

    Thank you
  2. Hi All

    Thank you
  3. Gps map in brand new 2017 still outdated

    Your right. I think they are so used of people complaining about their maps they know now what too say like following a script. I told them why should I have to buy a seperate GPS or even use my phone ( which is illegal ) when there is a perfectly working one in the car all in needs to be is updated.
  4. Hi all just picked up my new Prado last week and noticed my built in GPS is out dated. The roe hwy and tokin hwy merge is not on there but on Toyota link they are. I’m curious as too why Toyota are not updating these maps. It’s not like these 4WD are rare they are selling and are everywhere on the road. I’m curious who can I contact that is in charge of the map system in these cars ?
  5. Hi All

    Picked up my new 2017 Pado GXL last week. I came from a Mitsubishi Pajero and so far I’m very impressed with the drive and the way it handles compared to the Pajero. I will be getting a bullbar installed on Thursday