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  1. Aurion grande in Aurion TRD

    Friends who can help buying trd aurion rear and front grille ,from trd :) and ship to Ukraine :))? Need your help :)
  2. Aurion grande in Aurion TRD

    Sorry bro :) Ukrainian English 😂😂😂😂 ,ok I will trying doing something ,all what they say I post here ,and u tell me what u think about it,I believe u know much more information,ever they can tell me :)
  3. Aurion grande in Aurion TRD

    Ok ,but what after i do with wheels?) ok I’m understand you,so simple I need to know how much bars can eat this engine without blow???better questions how much power can getting 2gr-fe??with no blowing
  4. Aurion grande in Aurion TRD

    No I have ,but they didn’t know how better doing because we haven’t turbo kits,neeed to know how best doing it ,greddy or something another.
  5. Aurion grande in Aurion TRD

    Ok,but where I get him?) any good ideas what it’s can be?and what changes with engine? Strongest belts cramshafts or something more in details:) so this is the best way turbo kit?
  6. Hi peoples ,I’m from Ukraine ,and love my car there’s Aurion from UAE ,2007 year engine is 2gr-fe, wanna ask a help about buy trd compressor to it becomes just leave dyno stand , and got 238,5 power ,and 320 torque , if some body can help how help my car thank you :) Maybe bad engine oil ,maybe bad another things..,hope grow it till 350 :) bcs I love it :)