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  1. 75 Series no power

    Its a 75 series diesel, non computerised. No ignition that i am aware of
  2. 75 Series no power

  3. 75 Series no power

    Hi all, i have a '94 75 series with no power, need some guidance on what to do to get it back I have played with the max load thigmo with the tamper sleeve on it got a bit more performance out of it, then i adjusted the max travel of the pedal so the throttle would open all the way With the "max load screw in as far as i can get it with primitive tools at full throttle 5th gear it will billow black smoke out the exhaust (something it has never done) Fuel system should be realitivley clean because i have run half a tank of Jet A-1 pure (want to know what it is, and why just ask) and well it didnt blow any smoke before and no power change Have not checked timing because i dont have a tool for it, but i have a feeling that might be out because it misfires and i have read somewere that a diesel misfire is caused by incorrect timing :shrug: It is NA got 359k kms on the clock 5 speed troopcarrier 4.2 strait 6 bla bla Sure i have forgotten something but any ideas were to start looking?