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  1. Tyres for Toyota camry altise

    Rather than changing the tyre size, have you considered changing to a different type of tyre, I recently had to replace my tyres with a set of bridgestone potenza re003's and am yet to break traction, even after quite a "spirited" drive down old pacific highway.
  2. LED Headlights

    I also went down this path and got the jw speaker led's, then went to narva ones, and finally got my hands on some second hand toyota ones out of a 2017 rav 4, they refused to fit them, but was easy enough for me to do in half an hour. Lights up the road beautifully, but have to manually align them when you first install them
  3. Front LED Bar

    on my 2016 camry i left the switch in the engine bay, not sure if that is technically legal, as it still can be switched off, I am thinking of wiring it in to a switch on the dash eventually, but will more than likely drill and get a cable grommet to protect the cabling, im not 100% sure if the engine bays are similar but i didnt see a safe place to run extra wiring neatly
  4. New Member

    Hey guys and girls, my name is Matt, i own a 2016 hybrid camry, and live on the nsw central coast. Look forward to chatting and joining in with some of the conversations on here. Ive already done a few modifications that I feel should have come with the car as standard, but didnt, namely, a full led conversion, including headlights, parkers, blinkers, tail & number plate lights, along with leds replacing all interior lights. Ive also added a tow bar (ok, well i had toyota install it for me), and added an anderson plug for when im towing my camper trailer. I recently also added a light bar to the front, to help with the dusk/night drives in rural areas.
  5. Camry Hybrid KM's from Full Tank

    I average 5.1-5.5l/100km's in my hybrid, its almost all around town driving, get about 1000-1100 out of a tank. I find if im on the freeway, it goes up to around 6-7l/100km, i also didnt see any difference in distance if i filled up with 98, 95 or e10, but if i used normal 91 unleaded, i get less out of it
  6. I replaced the low beam lights in my hybrid camry about 3 weeks into ownership, currently has LED headlights, tail lights, blinkers, parkers, number plate & interior lights. And added an led light bar above the number plate on the front for when i drive in rural areas