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  1. Hi All, new to Prado after 20 years of rusting Pajeros. Just bought a 2016 GXL and would welcome suggestions on the best roof racks and front bar. Roof racks are for occasionally carrying timber etc. I was hoping to fit 3 racks but the rails are curved - does anyone have a solution? Either way recommendations and "avoid these" would be appreciated. The front bar can be a nudge bar or bull bar. I don't need a winch and I don't need to knock over small trees. I want it to improve front reference points for parking etc., to mount some driving lights, and to support a detachable extension to line up with the roof racks. I leaning towards a bar that replaces the front bumper to give better approach angle and possibly under-body protection, but I'm a bit concerned about too much weight up front. I've read the posts on the GPS issues. I have already decided the Toyota unit is too slow in giving directions, and data entry far too slow and clumsy - I'll stick with my little Garmin - much better GPS, it gives me an accurate heads-up speed display, and has lifetime free updates. Thanks in advance Bob