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  1. Hi I'm wondering how do I remove my aftermarket headunit. With the least damage as possible.
  2. Azr87

    Car alarm

    So after parking in a different spot for the last day and a bit, my alarm hasn't gone off for no reason.
  3. Azr87

    Car alarm

    My car alarm has recently been going off only when I'm at work. Could it something setting it off. Before I go about getting the switches replaced?
  4. Azr87

    Fog lamps

    How are fog lights are only to be used for fogy and low vision conditions. And LED lights that are on at all times.
  5. Same thing my mate said when I showed him my Camry Sportivo. I thought he was gonna laugh at me.
  6. I would suggest service on your aircon. Could be a bacterial growth in the system.
  7. I always have driven a Holden. Until my missus and I got together and my car wasn't safe for a family.
  8. Azr87


    I have to agree, the class of fuel here compared to Europe and North America is completely different.
  9. Azr87


    Thanks for the input. I'll see for myself if it suits my s/e Melbourne suburb roads
  10. It could be the factory antenna. Mine does it when im on a clear stretch of road.
  11. Azr87


    Just a quick question, anyone run premium in their car and does it give you more k's each tank?
  12. Azr87

    Weird stickers

    Would it be for an airbag recall?
  13. Cheers, a good reason for a new one. Haha
  14. I bought my 03 Sportivo, with a aftermarket cd player when I bought it. Is there anything I can improve my FM and get am to work?