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  1. Blowing white smoke

    Is there a write up on cleaning the PCV valve? I get a fair bit of smoke on start up. Nothing when revving the engine though. No real smell to the smoke and no oil loss. Update: Found this
  2. Suspected Intermediate Shaft Spline

    I'm not sure they would given the fact my car is 2010 model. They might say it's wear and tear. Worth a shot I suppose
  3. Suspected Intermediate Shaft Spline

    Thanks for the reply. Was it expensive?
  4. Hey guys, I suspect my'10 Aurion suffers from the intermediate shaft spline issue. I get a slight knock feeling in the wheel when applying brake or throttle at low speeds or when turning at low speeds (sometimes) no real noise from what I can tell. It's all just feeling in the wheel. Just wanting to confirm if these symptoms do indeed sound like the shaft spline issue that these cars were prone to having. I was looking at getting Toyota to replace it if it is indeed the case. How would (roughly) would I be looking at? Or am I better off getting my mechanic to do it. I've read that greasing the shaft can also stop it. Would this be a cheaper alternative? Either way, I know nothing about these vehicles so I would prefer Toyota to do it. I also just wanted to confirm that this will not pose an safety issues or cause any other problems to the vehicle in the meantime. Cheers
  5. 'Screech' When Turning

    Thanks for the reply. Done some homework and I noticed it depends on the speed. You can take the same corner slower and it won't do it, which leads me to believe its tyres screeching. Apparently alignment can be a cause.
  6. Sticky Dashboard?

    Just bought a 2010 Aurion and the dash doesn't seem to have the 'sticky' issue. Were these models affected? Is it something I should monitor?
  7. Hey guys, Recently jumped shipped after owning Commodores, all of which kept giving me grief. Picked up a 2010 Aurion today and I had a question in regards to an odd sound. When turning (and not all the time) I hear a screech sound. I thought it was a tyre screech but it seems to be coming from up front. And I'm not taking it fast around corners either. Power steering fluid is full. This car does have a 3 month/5000km warranty so I can get the issue fixed if it's the pump but I'm hoping it's just the belt. I am getting her serviced next week so I'll get my mechanic to look into it but I was hoping that somebody has possibly experienced this issue before and can shed some light Cheers