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  1. You may recall me posting last year in regards to headlights. I did upgrade the globes but light output is still insufficient (and frankly pretty dangerous) and I'm leaning toward the cloudy headlights. What products do you guys recommend for a quick and hopefully cheap fix? Cheers
  2. I made a post about headunits and I've since come across these eBay headunits. They fit great and look factory which I much prefer. Being generic and not a brand name unit I'm just wanting to see if anyone has had any bad experiences using these. Unit in question Cheers!
  3. Thanks for the reply mate! Do you have any photos of the headunit in your vehicle and of the camera on the outside? And do your steering wheel controls still work? Many thanks!
  4. Hi all, After some suggestions for headunits with reverse cameras for a 2010 Aurion. Some photos of your own unit would be good, too! 🙂 Brownie points if anyone can recommend a reputable place in the SE suburbs of Melbourne a for a supply and fit. The headunit I can do if it has a harness or plug and play but the camera is probably out of my depth Thanks
  5. Hey guys, Finally began modding my Aurion. She's already been debadged, has tint booked in and (yes, I know it's not really a cosmetic mod) she is booked in to have reverse sensors fitted at Toyota as I'm not a fan of the blindspot. After the tint I plan to go for some slimline weather shields and finally some rims. Before I begin window shopping, I just want to confirm rim sizing. My understanding is they are 5x114.3, is this correct? If so, they seem to be the same as Falcon wheels. Cheers
  6. So I've been debadging my Aurion. I removed the Aurion lettering as well as the ATX badge from the rear of the vehicle. Actually came off surprisingly easy! I'm loving the clean look and wanting to go one step further and remove the Aurion lettering from the side (near the mirrors) Just wondering if anyone else has removed these specific badges and if so should it be just as easy as the badges on the rear. Little more cautious as it's not really look the rear of the car that can easily be replaced
  7. Went with some OSRAM bulbs. Now I just need to clean my cloudy headlights... Thanks guys!
  8. No issues throwing an LED in when it comes with halogen (I assume it's halogen)? I'll check them out!
  9. Hey all, I have an Aurion ATX and the low beam are absolutely shocking. I'm not sure if this is common but as soon as you leave a decently lit suburban area you really want to use high beam just to be able to see properly. My question today is are they just H11 globes? If so, are they able to be changed without ripping apart the headlight assembly? I'm looking at some NARVA globes but I'm also open to suggestions. Cheers
  10. Is there a write up on cleaning the PCV valve? I get a fair bit of smoke on start up. Nothing when revving the engine though. No real smell to the smoke and no oil loss. Update: Found this
  11. I'm not sure they would given the fact my car is 2010 model. They might say it's wear and tear. Worth a shot I suppose
  12. Hey guys, I suspect my'10 Aurion suffers from the intermediate shaft spline issue. I get a slight knock feeling in the wheel when applying brake or throttle at low speeds or when turning at low speeds (sometimes) no real noise from what I can tell. It's all just feeling in the wheel. Just wanting to confirm if these symptoms do indeed sound like the shaft spline issue that these cars were prone to having. I was looking at getting Toyota to replace it if it is indeed the case. How would (roughly) would I be looking at? Or am I better off getting my mechanic to do it. I've read
  13. Thanks for the reply. Done some homework and I noticed it depends on the speed. You can take the same corner slower and it won't do it, which leads me to believe its tyres screeching. Apparently alignment can be a cause.
  14. Just bought a 2010 Aurion and the dash doesn't seem to have the 'sticky' issue. Were these models affected? Is it something I should monitor?

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