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  1. CH-R recall

    Did the mechanics actually replace your EPB cover ? My plastic cover looks exactly the same as your photo and I haven't even had my car go in for the recall yet. My car was built in June 2017.
  2. CH-R recall

    It looks like this recall will also involve the fitment of a plastic cover to be placed over or under the fingerwell of the EPB switch on the centre console. I've been informed this is to prevent people from placing an object in this fingerwell possibly causing the EPB switch lever to engage when the CVT transmission lever is moved downwards.
  3. "EPB Malfunction" message

    Does anyone else get the "EPB Malfunction" message pop up on the dashboard display for about half a second when you start the engine ? I've noticed that my C-HR Koba displays this message. It only flashes up for about half a second and it doesn't do it all the time, only about 10% of the time when I start the engine. My Electronic Parking Brake works fine though. I presume this error message will go away after I perform the ECU software update for the current recall.
  4. CH-R recall

    My C-HR was built in June 2017, just over 6 months after initial production began in Japan in December 2016. So I would have expected that they would have sorted out all the 'bugs' by the time my C-HR was built. Fortunately this recall is a simple fix that only requires reprogramming of the Skid Control ECU, and does not involve any mechanical work to be done to the vehicle or its electronic park brake. I haven't received my recall letter as yet too. I think Toyota Australia is posting these letters out progressively in batches based in order of VIN number or when the vehicle was sold, and not posting out to all 4800 C-HR owners at once, otherwise Toyota service centres would be inundated in one hit to fix all these vehicles as opposed to spreading out the recall fix over several months.
  5. Rattle sound from under dashboard

    Is this GPS antenna located directly behind the 6.1" head unit in the centre of the dashboard ? If so, then I don't think this is the cause of the rattling sound I sometimes hear when driving over bumps, as the sound is coming from under the dashboard directly behind the speedo and tacho dials. I'm thinking that it could possibly be from the G Monitor sensor, but I'm yet to find out if this is located behind the dashboard dials or in some other location.
  6. Rattle sound from under dashboard

    I have a 2017 C-HR Koba and have noticed that whenever my vehicle travels over a significant bump on the road, I can hear a rattle sound coming from directly under the dashboard just behind the speedo/tacho dials area. When driving on normally smooth road surface or even over small or mild bumps I don't hear any rattle. I've only noticed the rattle sound when driving over a significant bump and when turning (or changing lanes) at the same time. Has anyone else experienced this rattle sound coming from under/behind the dashboard in their C-HR's ? I'm curious to find out if this is normal on all C-HR's or whether it's an isolated problem in my vehicle. I have contacted 3 different Toyota service centres and all of them said they have not have any customers complain of any rattle sound coming from under their dashboard. It doesn't appear to sound like it's a loose clip or wiring, it sounds more like something is rocking side to side (as I drive over the bump). The only thing I can think of that it might possibly be, is the sensor used for the G Monitor display, which measures the amount of G force when accelerating/braking and turning corners. Can anyone confirm if the sensor used for the G monitor is located right behind the dashboard dials ? Does the G monitor sensor physically move sideways (in other words, not electronic) when turning left or right ? I am thinking that when travelling over a significant bump the G monitor sensor is rocking quickly left and right, therefore causing this rattle sound.
  7. Climate Control

    You should only require to press the A/C button once, and once it has been lit up, the air conditioner will always switch on whenever you flick the fan speed lever up (to start the air flow). When you press the OFF button it will switch the fan and air conditioning off. The next time you flick the fan speed lever up, the air conditioner and fan will both automatically turn on. This is how it works on my C-HR Koba. Regards Julian.
  8. CH-R recall

    According to Toyota Australia's statement for the C-HR recall, on the 24th November 2017 they are posting out a letter of notification to all affected C-HR owners. It pretty much impacts all Australian C-HR owners that had their vehicle built prior to 10th October 2017. Fortunately this recall fix is fairly simple and does not require any mechanical work to be done to the car or its electronic park brake. Toyota service centre's will only require to update the vehicle's software (via the connector under the bonnet release latch) in order to reprogram the Skid Control ECU. Should take around 30 mins or so. Regards Julian.