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  1. Performance Upgrades and Important Maintenance

    Thanks guys. I was thinking about this today and I think I've reached the age where I would pay for a quieter exhaust, not a louder one ☺ If there was an easy way to get more power I would... but its pretty quick as it is. Thanks Kombi. That file will be a lifesaver.
  2. Hi - Hopefully I am not repeating an old post. I was just wondering if anyone has any tips on popular performance modifications? Tune up possibilities for the Kluger? I have the 3.5v6 and I am sure its possible to get more Oomph out of the engine with a bit of tweaking : ) Also - Is there any basic maintenance people recommend other than the usual servicing? I have a 2008 model. Its going great at the moment. I've seen 'engine sludge' mentioned on other posts though?
  3. Kluger Sat Nav DVD Map File

    Hi Kombi. I've had a good hunt on there but a lot of the links seem to go nowhere. I'm not that much of a techie. I don't suppose anyone has a dropbox link or could e-mail me to to Gdrive or something similar? Just frustrating toyota are wanting 150+ to simply place a DVD in my DVD player : (