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  1. How do you think the motec works compared to the xede ?
  2. I also have headers and the xede to tune it
  3. Ohh ok so do you think then mine is about right let say the guys dyno is reading abit low its around 310hp atw. So with e85 set up and retune thats probably where the extra 40 or so hp is ? With your harrop 1900 what size pulley do you run and what is peak boost measured at?
  4. Yeh i guess thats next just dont want to risk blowing anything down the strip. The stock pulley that comes with the tvs 1900 is a 90mm but im currently running the 80mm pulley which is already smaller than recommended any smaller would be too much boost for stock internals runs about 12-13psi at the moment.
  5. Thanks bud. With the trd bonnet guard its just a normal standard aurion one i just stuck thr trd on but im not one for cheapy looking stickers but tbh it looks pritty oem so i just stuck with it.
  6. Yes hi guys so its finally done abit disapointed tbh but still ok i guess. Just too much money spent on this car for these kind of results. Ok so i had the xede ecu installed and tuned also had o2 sensors relocated from the aftermarket headers down the bottom where it actually collects a reading from all 3 instead of just one section the tuner said that this was most likely the reason the csr was throwing a engine light error. Also had the AEM water methanol kit installed i like the way they mounted it in the boot very strong and they used all existing holes so looks prittty oem. Had a air fuel gauge which i installed myself bar the sensor which the guys put in for me. So boost air fuel and the aem failsafe gauge wer put in car feels alot jicer to drive way smoother and great power through the mid range they told me picked up a fair bit in the middle something like 30-35 kw. But total output power was only 230kw which i was abit dissapointed with espcially after putting the tvs 1900 and water meth kit plus tuning with the xede. So thats where im at right now i was actually thinking i should get atleast 280kw at the wheels. Because with the stocl tvs 1320 with a smaller pulley i hit peak power at 210kw as you guys saw in the video. So i asked the guy who tuned it he said that was on the other engine u never dynod it when u swaped the engine over so could of been less every engine puts out slighty different and also he said thst his dyno reads abit lower than others so msybe on a different dyno it would make more or show more. He said a guy came in and said his mustang made 650hp on another dyno and on his dyno only made 590ish so whos knows but yeh thats where its at now just feel alot of money spent for not so much gain but yeh. He said injectors are pritty much maxed out so next step would be bigger fuel pump and injectors but then still he said u dont want to push it more than that unless going e85 because u get more timing and power without risking the chances of engine knocking as you would with going with a bigger standard fuel set up.
  7. Ok so new motor just went in well not new but had 100k kms from the wrecker was runing in a car before i told them i want it but its runing ok. Now have to wait until january to get the methanol kit and piggy back installed and tuned
  8. Hi i have a trd aurion supercharger complete kit for sale. Item: trd supercharger kit Location:sydney (nsw) Website: Item Condition: used Reason for Selling:had it for a project but no longer going ahead Price and Payment conditions: $3500 paypal Any additional information: perfect running order with ecu pulley assembly transmission cooler drive belt blower and intake manifold with injectors and ruel rail. Everything needed to supercharge your N/A AURION or other 2grfe motor. Shipping: can ship at buyers expense Pictures: Contact Details: Contact adam 0414186627. Prefer text please.
  9. Its going to cast around 6k alll up then still needs tuning.
  10. 3k but i have to buy the pistons gasket set which is 600bux alone and some bearings. 3k in labour
  11. I spoke to ssc and mwr they say we normally always do rods and pistons but they have never actually had a problem with the rods ever only pistons so i think im going to just go for the pistons only and rebuild the motor its already alot of money the rebuilder said look your not build a 600hp car to go hard on the rods he doesnt think i will need them but definatley said pistons.
  12. Buying a short block from them is just going to cost way to much plus shipping and the exchange rate is shocking i can get the whole motor rebuilt for the price of just the short block from mwr. Im waiting for their reply in regards to the stock con rods if they are no good just going to buy a standard motor with 100k kms on it swap the motor put my supercharger and bits n pieces on the new engine and go tune it it if i dont need con rods ill buy just pistons and rebuild mine
  13. Hmm thats od man why does that article say that the rods are forged and they say it is cast maybe a marketing thing?
  14. Do you know much about the strength of the conrods ?
  15. I really need to know to what hp rating the stock connecting rods are good for i started reading other threads on lotus and stuff and some said they are forged and some say best to change them out if i have to change them out i probably wont go ahead with the build ill just buy a 2nd hand motor does anyone know how strong they are? with just getting the forged pistons and recondition the engine will i be able to run 420-450hp without worriying that the rods will bend or snap or get damaged.
  16. Well according to the leak down test the amount of air coming out of the dipstick and oil cap suggests that the piston rings may be cracked or pistons damaged no other air came out from anywhere else so valves arent leaking and head gasket seems ok no bubles in oil radiator tbh no signs of oil consumptioon which is weird. Its mostly at idle the car just feels shaky the vacum on the gauge keeps dropping and coming back up.
  17. Any news on how i could fix this problem without removing the engine ? Ive tried researching i cant really find anything its either just get a new motor from.wrexkwrs i saw one today with 100k kms fully runing or get the forged pistons. Ssc told me that if i was to do the build main thing is just pistons and rods but if i could just do pistons and the rods are already forged they should be able to handle good power ? And if i can save on the rods maybe i might opt for the rebuild coz thats about 1300 savings right there. Ssc also said 1st things that tends to go are rods and pistons do them and youl be fine but now if the rods are already forged i dont see why i would need to change them unless they are a lower grade forged. Is that possible?
  18. Im not sure of my a/f ratio but the last dyno i did came up as it was running fairly rich and the tuner said its fueling is good. The 210kw was before i put the tvs 1900 on it with the 80mm pulley stock pulley is 90mm i put on an 80mm pulley with a new 1900blower so not sure exactly but would of been making a fair bit more than 210kw and also wasnt tuned yet so maybe the a/f ratio stuffed up on me. I know someone who can rebuild it i dont think they need to really know specifics for the tge 2gr to be able to rebuikd the bottom end just like any car i think.
  19. Has my car booked in for the tune and water methanol kit to be installed next week and been having issues with the car found out i had low compression on 2 of the front cylinders. Did a leak down test on the 2 cylinders both seem to have air rushing through the dipstick and the oil cap suspect damaged piston rings so motor has to come out not sure what to do either build the internals or just get a new engine and not push it too much. Way too much money spent on this this has set me back big time😭
  20. So how would thee heat exchanger fit i nto it all ? And whats the difference with the 12k one compared with the 9k one?
  21. I had a feeling this would be the case. Thats what the guys at ssc told me when i was picking up the 1900 i saw the one with the intercooler being installed and ask oh whats that can i get that instead and was told it wouldnt fit and requires an extra radiator at the front and would be alot of custom work to get if all to fit which would be way too costly. I think the best way is the tvs1900 with a water methanol kit it will act like an intercooler reducing the intake temps by a fair bit easiest option to go for.
  22. Woww where the hell have i been cant beleave this i knew this would happen because i called up harrop a few months ago and the guy there told me they are coming up with a kit for the 2gr similar to the ssc one. When i got my tvs 1900 ssc had the chargered water to air cooler but it wouldnt fit in the engine bay but i wonder if harrop could tune the system. Have they said anything about the kit fitting for the aurion?
  23. Oh wow i did alot of reading and was ordering the kit but everything i read and the people i have spoken to seem to all be saying its fine to go pre charger in the intake that way it cools the supercharger its self. Also herd that it will take the coating off the rotors but apparently it doesnt affect the supercharger in anyway and its designed for roots style blowers. Now this just confused me. Putting it in the manifold will require removing the s/c again which is a big job hmm not sure what to do now.