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  1. Toyota Kluger white smoke on cold start/heavy load

    Yea mate that is pretty frustrating, at one point i was like i should get rid of my vehicle coz its only becoming a waste of time and money. But then again, its not something major and i know it can be fixed. To my utmost disappointment, the mechanics fail to give such solutions and advice. I looked up the oil catch can, is that something you are referring to ? i found two different types, one with the filter and one with just a reservoir. which one do think should be a better choice. Take a look at these linkgs below: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Billet-Aluminium-Baffled-Oil-Catch-Can-Breather-Tank-Nissan-Toyota-JDM-Black/272946093794?hash=item3f8cdadee2:g:a~oAAOSwZW5aEtaK https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Genuine-Machter-200-Oil-Catch-Can-Pro-4WD-FORD-RANGER-MAZDA-TOYOTA-HOLDEN-NISSAN/142094217758?hash=item211579b21e:g:JzkAAOSwEEBaGNZK and the oil catch can will go between the PCV valve and the intake manifold, is that right?
  2. Toyota Kluger white smoke on cold start/heavy load

    @campbeam so its been slightly over 500km that i have drive my kluger with the pcv valve removed from the rocker cover. i got the front rocker cover removed and thoroughly cleaned and put in a new pcv valve. i suspected that car wasnt driving as good as it was before, and i started the car again after 2 hours and the same smoke came out from the exhault, leaving me baffled for a moment. i have absolutely no clue whats going on with this machine. Help!!
  3. Toyota Kluger white smoke on cold start/heavy load

    @campbeam day three and no smoke!! even on cold start. Appreciate the help and guidance! Cant thank you enough. on a second note, what should i do now since we’ve confirmed the issue? driving like this without the pcv valve is compromising fuel economy as well a slightly slugging acceleration.
  4. Toyota Kluger white smoke on cold start/heavy load

    so i unscrewed the pcv valve today and drove the car around, i felt as if it was a big lagging in performance but i didnt see smoke from my rear view mirror on all types of drive modes, i’ll keep monitoring this for a couple of days. is that a good idea?? even so, upon ignition there is still smoke coming out from the exhaust which i fairly less, 3-4 seconds as compared to the previous 15-20sec white smoke. any suggestions/inputs??
  5. Toyota Kluger white smoke on cold start/heavy load

    so i should remove the pcv valve from the top manifold and fix a small piece of chux in the opening to avoid any dust/outside particle in the engine. and should i drive it for a while or keep it idle?? and what do you mean by replacing the engine cover? you mean the rocker cover? could you please explain again. thanks
  6. Toyota Kluger white smoke on cold start/heavy load

    @campbeamis inspected the PCV valve today and screwed it back in with the piece of Chux, the smoke was still there. i have cleaned the existing PCV valve and to me it looks fine as its rattling/making that click noise when i shake it. @Codename47 with the oil flush, ive carried out the flush twice with a gap of 200kms. first with the liqui moly engine flush and then with diesel fuel. im plan on running this oil for atleast 1000kms now. and then go for a third flush. so by removing the rocker covers, do i also remove the sump pan as well?
  7. Toyota Kluger white smoke on cold start/heavy load

    my mechanic is reluctant in opening the valve cover as he thinks its pointless. i know what you mean with that but im gonna find someone else to do it for me coz he’s a bit up himself and doesnt like to be told what to do. like today when i got the engine flush done for the second time i told him to take th sump pan off so that we could inpect it as i have my doubts that its going to be pretty sludgy but then he was like it will be sludgy, but that wont cure the problem. take off the sump pan of any used car 5-6 years old, you’d be surprised by the amount of sludge in there. about that noise from the engine when i rev up from idle and smoke comes out of the exhaust, the sound is more like an engine knocking sound but the i doubt it from the engine itself as the car is accelerating beautifully. and i just release the throttle out of caution when i can see the car behind me covered in a smoke cloud. its embarassing though. im really confused here, not sure if should even keep the car. but it would be really upsetting to let it go. any recommendations/ master mechanics in melbourne ??
  8. Toyota Kluger white smoke on cold start/heavy load

    so i got the pcv valve from toyota dealership, have replaced it yet. got my mechanic to drain roughly 2 litres of engine oil, and then poured in diese fuel to mix with the motor oil to give it a good flush. it gave amazing and surprising results, the oil colour and viscosity changed drastically. replaced the filter which look really bad. and got 10w40 oil topped up. the car is driving beautifully. even the engine sound better, so thats just my perception. BUT.... the problem still remains; i was at the stop signal at the highway ramp and at green i revved the throttle, and puff came out the smoke. just like before i could hear a slight rattling noise while the smoke was coming out. so does that mean bad news??! or should i go ahead and replace the pcv valve ?
  9. Toyota Kluger white smoke on cold start/heavy load

    Thanks for further info, i did a bit of my own research too and found similar solutions. this morning there was absolutely no smoke from the exhaust. so i got a jerry can from supercheap and filled it with diesel fuel. its too hot today so not getting down the engine bay today. will do the diesel flush tomorrow and see you that goes. on the contrary i inspected pcv valve on the engine, it was a bit sludgy but too my understanding it should not have oil residue on the outlet valve where the vaccum hose is connected.. right?? so im assuming its faulty and ive ordered one from Toyota werribee and will be delivered tomorrow. so fingers crossed, hoping for a resolution tomorrow!
  10. Toyota Kluger white smoke on cold start/heavy load

    Thanks Campbeam, i went to this other local mechanic refered my a friend who does regular servicing as well as engine overhauling. without even diagnosing the car he passed his verdict that the valve stem seals are gone, and its very common with this engine, and he overhauled a number of aurion/kluger engines. i wasnt impressed at all. i was quoted a price mark of $2200. i have gone through the various threads published on this page regarding white smoke on aurion/kluger. i am planning to move ahead with the diesel fuel flush as another mechanic also suggested that its way better than the conventional engine flush additives you buy off the counter. at the end of the day im hoping for a resolution or im screwed.
  11. Hey Guys, Bought a used Kluger KXR with 85k on the odo last week from a first owner. Three days ago i started the car in the morning and a cloud of white smoke came out of the exhaust. this is the first time ive experienced an issue of this nature with my cars, so i switched the engine off and checked the engine oil dipstick, it was way over the full/max mark. went to my local mechanic to drain excess oil and to my surprise the oil was in a VERY bad shape. when we checked the engine oil cap i could clearly see oil sludge build up inside the rocker cover aswell. so we did an engine flush and replaced engine oil/filter. the white smoke went away for the time being. after driving for almost 70kms, i had to overtake a car infront of me on the freeway and upon accelaration out came a big white cloud of smoke until i let go of the throttle; which did not clearly compromise engine’s performance by the way. i became cautious and spoke to my mechanic about it over the phone, he told me to add engine stop leak/smoke additive to recondition the valve seals. it was after business hours so i could only but the additive the next day. i kept using the car for tbe day and no smoke at all, even on heavy load/acceleration. and even no smoke on cold start the next morning. i was happy that its nothing to be worried about anymore. but then again today in the morning when i started the car, out came the same white smoke cloud from the exhaust for 15-20sec (picture attached: at it was 32 degrees at the time when i took the picture) with a funny smell and then when i revved the engine on idle there was smoke came out for the first couple of revvs and then no smoke at all. any suggestions and past experiences with such problems on a toyota V6 or kluger and what should i do for starters? i cant even say that the services on the logbooks are fake coz they were stamped from the dealorship!! i would appreciate any recommendations on expert mechanics for this job. Cheers!