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  1. ***** while first gear change

    Finally, my local mechanic sorted it out (for 800$) Below is what he ended up doing 1. Flush and fill ATF, still the issue did not go away 2. Changed the transmission body valve and the problem went away He did tell me that he has seen similar issues before on other cars.... Just wondering what could be the issue with these transmission bodies, one of the many valves could be faulty ? Could it due to usual wear and tear or some faults ?
  2. ***** while first gear change

    Took it to another local mechanic. He had a test drive and advised me that it is some sort of a solenoid problem. Asked me to leave the car for him to check it and confirm. Sounded reasonable and confident.. Another transmission specialist did some further checks.. - Transmission oil and the color looks OK. - He suggested to do the compressor spring change and see if it fixes. Otherwise have to replace transmission with second hand one or do a reconditioning of the transmission Any thoughts....?
  3. ***** while first gear change

    Technician told me that he has seen similar faults and replacement of this spring fixed them. He suggested he cannot be 100% but worth to change and check it.... I will check with other repairers and see
  4. ***** while first gear change

    Took my car for a transmission checkup to a dealer. They suggested to change Transmission compressor spring and the Transmission fluid and quoted around 700$. What do you guys think ?
  5. ***** while first gear change

    It has done 87,000 kms Not since I owned it (when it was 17,000 km)
  6. Hi, I have a Toyota Corolla, 2008 Sedan auto. Mileage - 87k Last few weeks, my car is jerking badly during the first gear change. Also observing this when the car has warmed up a bit (few mins into a drive) My local servicing technician advised me to take it to Toyota Transmission service center to get advise using their specialized diagnostic equipment.. Any hints on what could be the issue
  7. Hello...

    Hello Everyone.... I use a Toyota Corolla 2008 for last 4 years About myself - Not a great automobile enthusiast, but interested to know and learn about things. Use this car for my day to day work life Will be posting some questions. So hope to get your advise/inputs :)