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  1. Just putting this up as it took a while to locate this relay and I had a wreck so could damage the body to remove. Was easy when I could see the back of it. There's also nothing in the workshop manual. The auto electrician wanted to rewire the whole thing and create a future nightmare where no one knew what was what. In the end I could do it myself. The front windscreen wiper motor controller / relay is located on body behind the passenger side kickplate - (next to your feet). Take the cover off and you'll see 2 control assemblies. The wiper controller assembly has a single approx 2" square relay mounted on it. To remove you'll need a short 10mm jaw spanner. The assembly is attached to a bracket on the body by a single 10mm bolt. To access this put the jaw spanner up behind the relay onto the head of the bolt. Turn anti clockwise to undo - you can only do 1/2 a turn at a time. Once this is undone remove the assembly so you can get at the 2 plastic spring lugs on the back of the relay. Be careful as these are old and can snap easily Depress both of these with 2 short flat blade screwdrivers and the relay can be gently pulled out of the socket on the assembly. I'll post some pics later to go with this description. This could be a solution to what seems to be a wiper motor problem.