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  1. Funny you mention this about a squeaky clutch pedal - my ‘09 Corolla suffers from a squeaky clutch pedal. I just never did anything about it. Toyota service ‘couldn’t hear it’ so I’ll see how far I get with that one. I’ve booked the Rav into our local Toyota service tomorrow so we’ll know then what the damage is.
  2. Thanks for the response CampBeam. Yeah, hopefully wont cost a lot to fix! Cheers! pete
  3. Hi Gurus, I’ve noticed a small rattle with my 2014 RAV4 Diesel manual with 21k kms on the clock. I first heard the ‘rattle’ when in neutral whent the clutch is engaged. When I press the clutch in the rattle disappears. The car drives normally with smooth gear changes and no noticed difference in the clutch pedal feedback/pressure. Having noticed it, I hear the rattle throughout the gears although its hard to hear clearly due to the diesel motor sound and road noise. I did stall the car last week at low speed and I think I’m just being paranoid but I can’t remember the

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