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  1. There is no 2002 3.5v6 Camry.
  2. It'd be interesting to see the error code(s), if any.
  3. Also worth checking for coolant leaks, pre-2009 models are known for dodgy water pumps. You may consider the coolant replacement, it's a 12 year old car and the coolant is good for 10 years or 165.000kms. Oh and how is the dash looking, is it sticky & shiny?
  4. I'm using RDA 8112 rotors with Bendix DB2243 GCT pads for more than a year, no issues.
  5. Could be the ABS self check? They all do it, it's even mentioned somewhere in the owner manual. L.E. Found it, it's on page 136 in the manual, "Sounds and vibrations caused by the ABS, brake assist, VSC and TRC systems"
  6. Haven't heard of such cleaning product, can you ask them to offer more details on it? And you have to book the car in for 2 days? And as Ashley said, what kind of warranty do they provide? When I did our Aurions I didn't use any extra product, only what was required: gasket, strainer, o-ring and fluid. Rather than flushing with who knows what I think it's more important to drop the pan and clean it properly. And no, I didn't have to work for 2 days for transmission service. And no, I'm not a mechanic. See if you can get few quotes from independent transmission specialists.
  7. I use this: But you can't go wrong with Toyota SLLC.
  8. It's really easy to use, comes with fittings for most common radiator caps. One thing you need to keep an eye on when refilling the radiator is to not overfill excessively, otherwise the extra coolant will go back in the bottle if the level overflow tank is at full mark. In my case I chose to leave it slightly above full when hot. When cold it drops about an inch below full mark. Because I used the funnel with the front of the car slightly lifted using the jack stands I have no airlocks and the heater started blowing hot air as soon as the engine warmed up. Didn't need to top up after servicing it, meaning the funnel did its job.
  9. Milo, my 2008 had a water pump failure around 130k mark. Mechanic refilled with Castrol Radicool pink, pretty sure they haven't flushed the existing SLLC completely. 2 years and 30k kms later I drained the radiator myself (around 4.4l came out) and refilled with Nulon Long Life premix. No issues at all, I've still got some 4 odd litres left for another drain/fill. As you've crunched the numbers already, it's impossible to flush the system completely and replace all coolant. Drain and refill is good enough to replenish the anti corrosion aditives. Besides, if you want to take the coolant out of the heater core you need to remove the thermostat, which isn't exactly a trivial job. Or fill it with water 2/3 times and drive it around to get the engine temperature up so that the thermostat will open. Too much faffing around. If I really should recommend you something on this topic: spend 50-55aud on the Lisle spill free funnel kit, makes bleeding a breeze. Rather than worrying about flush vs drain, or Toyota SLLC vs Nulon, just buy the spill free kit, you'll be amazed by how helpful it is in getting the job done 🙂
  10. It's a rar file so pretty much any modern file manager can unpack it. On Windows I vouch for Total Commander, on Android I'm using File Manager from Asustek and on Linux, well the sky is the limit 😀 BTW thanks for the archive, some really useful information in there.
  11. Yeah, sounds like a bearing, removing the belt takes the pressure off the pulley.
  12. I'm using RDA discs with Bendix GCT DB2243. Be aware on Aurion there can be 2 types of pads, DB1474 or 2243. See this article: I'd avoid the really cheap Chinese nonames and stick with the brands.
  13. Another 2gr-fe Aurion owner here, currently 167.600k, the only engine specific issue I had was the water pump, started dripping & spitting around 125k, then after about 7000 kilometres more and fortnightly top ups decided to leave this world for a better one. AU$600 all up at the local mechanic for pump replacement & coolant. Other items to check are the spark plugs, the 3 at the back are a b!tch and the transmission, while generally reliable they don't like being neglected, especiall if they've done some towing. For a 4wd you may want to look at servicing the transfer case if necessary. At that mileage service history is essential. As Ashley said, these engines tend to sludge up if neglected.
  14. When I had to replace my front pads on my 2008 I had the same dilemma: DB1474 & DB2243 and without taking the caliper off I wouldn't have a clue. So I went to Repco, gave them the rego and they told me I need 2243. So I took advantage of a 30% discount and bought them from the shop, in case they were the wrong ones I was able to return them, which isn't always the case with the online purchases. Funny thing is, my wife's 2013 is using the same rotors & calipers 🙂 I can only second what the other posters replied: take a pad with you to the shop, or at least give them the plate number and see what they suggest.