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  1. Both our Aurions make this buzz/clank sound in the conditions described. Sometimes more noticeable, sometimes less. Never saw it as an issue, don't get why some people are sooo fussed about it. It's also documented in the owner manual, page 127, Traction Control System, verbatim: "You may hear a sound in the engine compartment for a few seconds when the engine is started or just after the vehicle begins to move. This means that the traction control system is in self-check mode, but does not indicate a malfunction." NOT AN ISSUE!!! L.E. After revisiting the topic, no wonder peopl
  2. My 19yo, now on his red PS, is driving our GSV40 and I know he'll have very little trouble with the car, thankfully its 2 big flaws - water pump and alternator - have both been addressed already -:) But I'm sure he'd swap it for a VF GTS in the blink of an eye. I know I would!
  3. As Tony said, the 2 magnets are there to collect the shavings. When I've first dropped the pan on each of my 2 Aurions (2008 and 2013) the mags were completely covered in that very fine powder. No big deal, both are still shifting very well, the 2008 one has recently passed the 200000kms milestone and doesn't show any signs it needs a break. You're spot on, they need some TLC and I know if I take care of them they'll take care of us as well.
  4. Yeah look, they're not exactly complete rubbish these U660E, but they have some design faults which may cause issues in normal use if not serviced. For example the fact that they used weak casing material that is known to cause excessive wear around a bearing due to not being able to withstand the engine torque is notorious. They're not exactly built to be thrashed, you know, floored from the lights 🙂 https://www.toyotanation.com/threads/2007-v6-camry-transmission-slipping.809650/#post-7252186 https://gearsmagazine.com/magazine/toyotas-aging-front-wheel-drive-six-speeds-common-issues
  5. How I'm doing it: after placing the drain pan under the casing and loosening it I start to undo it slowly while applying upward pressure against the thread, this way there's very little, if any, oil dripping past the o-ring. Then once it came off completely (you can feel the characteristic thread click) I swiftly pull it off and away turning it upside down. Once the oil deluge stops I carefully place the casing in the drain pan. Not messy at all. Rubber gloves strongly recommended 🙂
  6. Manual or auto? If CVT, maybe that's the nature of the beast. I noticed similar behaviour on a 2016 CVT Pulsar I drove for 3-4 days a couple of years back. How long you had the Corolla for? Have you driven other 2014-2016 Corollas to draw some comparison?
  7. Sounds like it's 4 to 5th gear? Can you replicate it reliably once the engine has warmed up? Does it feel like it flares up, do you see the rpms going up swiftly by 200-300 before it engages the next gear? These POS transmissions can be very temperamental when cold and the lack of service (sealed for life, NOT) won't do any good. Ks done and service history are important here, as Tony said.
  8. Hahaha I love that funnel! On the oil change: I gave up on draining the oil from the filter casing a while ago, I skip this step, just unscrew and drop the casing in the drain pan carefully so I don't get burnt 🙂 No mess, no environmental disaster caused and no animals killed or harmed during the process. Need to take a shortcut here and there, it's my upbringing.
  9. On my 2008 I have Denso FK20HR11 and on my wife's 2013 NGK DILFR6D11, these go on sale at Repco every so often. The Denso ones are from Toyota.
  10. My 2008 Aurion, approaching 200k on the odo, is still on the plugs swapped in at the 90k service, no issues. Check out toyotanation forum, in the US they're apparently serviced at 120k miles which is, what, 200k kms?
  11. That's exactly right, this was my mistake: not removing the fans shroud, I've only tilted it forward after disconnecting the coolant hoses as much as I could thinking I've got enough room to work there. Lesson learned, do it by the book, even if it may take a bit longer, to avoid unexpected costs. In my case was the A/C regas 🙂
  12. Replacing the alternator is a *BIG* job on the Aurion, need to drop the coolant, the bloody thing is squeezed behind the radiator, an A/C line is in the way, when I did mine I thought I could get away without removing the front completely and it was a mistake, it cost me an aircon regas cause I had to disconnect that line. Then there's poor access to one of the bolts that's right behind the wheel well and I needed two deep sockets of different length to work on that b4$tard. Wouldn't do it again unless I end up stranded in the middle of nowhere.
  13. Ditto, check the alternator, 2008 is not the best of years for Aurion alternators and water pumps, ask me how I know :D Oh and welcome to the forum :)
  14. Good stuff Tony. But maaaan, how did you get that filter housing look so clean? That's crazy, I could drink from it! Hmm, having an unfiltered Cooper's ale from a 2GR-FE filter housing through a genuine Toyota filter, that got me thinking... Which reminds me at my last oil change I forgot to pour some new oil in the housing before installing it *hand tight*. My wrist'o'meter displayed 22.8Nm, so I'm in the ballpark :P

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