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  1. Power for 2nz

    Yes I know it is a form of force induction. Just want to know. Comparing against engine swap. :)
  2. Power for 2nz

    Hello trentneyer23, thank for the info mate. Hello JBM, thank you for the info. Not into engine swap. For super charge around how much am I looking at spending?
  3. Power for 2nz

    Not that much though. So forced induction is out of the game. :) i think I will end up with Pod filter and upgrade exhaust sytem
  4. Power for 2nz

    Thanks campbeam. I have a bigger vehicle for highway run or long drives. Just incase I want more power on the Yaris Yr? Don’t want to change vehicle. just really after things to do and what to do. Love playing around with cars that is the reason why I ask. Cheers,
  5. Power for 2nz

    Hello mates, What power ugrades can we do for the 2nz engine. not massive just enough for me to carry full pack and no issues on highways?
  6. Hi from NSW

    Hello I am Francis. I drive a Toyota Yaris