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    Gday just brought the trd aurion, was looking for a family car, didn’t know the trd version existed, the joys of ignorance, the pick was down to aurion or Mitzi 380, found the trd aurion took it for a spin, very nice handling, good throttle response, and the odd thing that one me over was the front wheel drive, and floor mounted park brake, these two elements take out the old fun silly ways of driving. Not fond of the lack of noise so I took it to exhaust shop pulled rear mufflers off started it up, sounded pretty sweet 2500 up, put straight pipe muffler delete in, really nice note 3000 up, the most awerfull sound I’ve ever heard 3000 down ( almost sounds like a p plate falcon coming past with a crap exhaust, but you can’t escape it till u hit the sweet spot, if I was 20 I’d probably leave, gonna chuck a couple of mufflers in tomorrow, found I had to push more throttle to maintain 100, now after a bit of a yarn here’s the question- anyone had any success with toying with exhaust rear mufflers without sacrificing what was a good balance of torque and power in a tone deaf world,