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  1. Tarago Overheating

    I have a compression testing gauge, I might start with that even though the seat has to come out and the cover. I have repaired head gaskets on other cars before but the way the engine is set up and from an access point of view, I am trying to avoid the saga and the swearing. Thanks for the advise, i'll see how I go because I want to keep the Tarago van, its been a great car to us.
  2. Tarago Overheating

    Hi Everyone, Just joined up today andI an asking for help already. The 1998 TCR 10 tarago started overheating, so I worked out that it was the waster pump. I have replaced the water pump, including the inlet housing and new thermostat housing, new thermostat and seal. I have flushed the system and checked all the hoses and fittings. The radiator is only 3 years old and the thermos fans are working correctly. I suspected head gasket due to the smoke colour from the exhaust. Due to the engine laying on its side, I am trying to avoid new head gasket job. I have now run Risone head gasket fix in the system and have noticed drops of coolant coming from the tail end of the exhaust manifold. The bottle is fairly new and a new radiator cap. The coolant is still flowing from the overflow tube on the bottle after about 10 min idle and still boiling in the bottle. Again I thought head gasket, but the oil is still ok and no creaminess residue in the cap. This has got me stuffed now. If anyone can offer ideas to help. I would greatly appreciate it. Cheers