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  1. Moderator please remove my post. Thanks man. I tried searching how to delete
  2. hey perhaps u should try have full stops and that. Just some friendly tips , to make it easier to understand :D Not too sure, but there is a small chance, it just means the light ITself is faulty? Duno tho just my 2 cents Have a pleasant day.
  3. Hey mate up to you, 95 probably shall give you a smoother drive... can u afford it
  4. ive driven pretty much 60% of cars. Hyundai is one of the crap cars, its just a toyota copycat plus koreans are etcha skecthcy anyway. Wouldnt trust them
  5. Hey man, perhaps go to peter warren toyota or your local mechanic. They can sign the logbook, check reviews
  6. Okay fair point, just use your brakes like he said.u can step on them a lot more than you probs think. The brakes are designed so that you can push them really hard with your foot. Esp. the newer car. I mean thats one of the functions of ABS right. Your car could go up to 60km/h and slow to around 20km/h within 2.5 seconds ( but prob for experienced drivers with 5+ years) on a 2009 model car - this is my example. It doesn't really matter if you are experienced, just gotta apply the brakes a bit harder if need be.
  7. What is the natureof the questions. Are you driving a manual or an automatic. How steep is your hill, are we looking at 45 degrees or more like 20 degrees. Lower gearing is usually used to reduce the load on the vehicle going uphill by the way. just like when you ride a pushbike
  8. Agreed, with semi-synthetic or synthetic, the current interval is 7500km. But nething up to 10000 is pretty good I stick to the brands I know like castrol and shell. 10-30W or 10-40W pretty much goes well with any car after 2010ish
  9. Yes I understand, but you are from QLD and in QLD there are legit people. In NSW and Melbourne there are some dodgy (not proper in their conduct) tradespeople and businessmen.Dont want to turn this into an argument but just wanted to people 2 be weary that in metro sydney especially,you have to be a little mindful. I agree with you about "not necessarily" but to say that apprentices do not get paid much has little to do with whether the company does a good job or not. Bigger companies or franchises have safety standards and procedures. Typically, your dodgy local mechanic mr john greenspoon uses aftermarket products and probably does not know as much because he only fixes a small number of cars/makes. In NSW and VIC some of the suburban mechanics lack the proper knowledge because they do not have enough experience, there is too much competition. QLD businesses work in a smaller state with less competition. Thus they are more trustworthy when it comes to these things.
  10. Agreed, but you can trust them more than mr john greenspoon smith from your suburban mechanic. Also trust i talked to many experienced car people and done research. Dealers are almost always gonna burn a hole in your wallet. Sadly, they are only there to skim your hard earned money.
  11. For future reference, you should go to a reliable mechanic. Unfortunately some people who fix or service cars are not thorough or have little knowledge & or experience. I like to stick to well known brand names such as Midas ...
  12. I think sometimes youtube videos can be clickbait. The heading is also highly misleading as it implies if you use the product your tire will last like 80000KM I highly doubt you would preserve your tyre life by more than say 5000km
  13. iTS WEIRD when you see a hilux and the guy is just called Paul Mcgradey lawyers. People just follow the trend like sheep Hey campbeam, about your signature... I once opened google maps in metro sydney and it was Faster to walk to a location then drive (bcos thats how bad the traffic was). There is some food for thought.
  14. Interesting, do these error codes happen in all toyotas Hey so just wondering why Hilux is the top selling car right now :D. Just a trend I suppose Esp. when you see a hilux and its driven by some dude whos just an average Joe Smith Tiler or something