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  1. I thought the stainless was thinner due to you needing less material for corrosion resistance, hence why they’re more raspy. With the muffler, do you mean something like a baffled system or one where the exhaust gas has to snake through the whole body of the muffler?
  2. Oh yeah, its a solid no to a cannon; I happen to like my ears being able to hear things. I'm gonna go for a regular straight-through oval muffler that hopefully isn't obnoxiously loud. Oh damn, they sound quite bad. Definitely want to avoid that noise.
  3. I'm going for the 2.5-inch piping, I don't think I'm ever gonna modify this car enough to warrant anything bigger. I think I might actually ask for a bigger resonator to dampen the raspiness, but to be totally honest, I don't really know what particular sound I'm listening for that you'd call raspy. I just know what sounds I like and don't like 🙂 If anyone has a vid showing a stereotypically raspy exhaust, I'm all ears (and eyes). I mainly going for stainless for the longevity of the material and weight savings.
  4. On the topic of exhausts, is it worth it to pay more for a mandrel-bent cat-back system over a press bent one? Stainless steel or mild steel system? I've been quoted $650 for stainless steel mandrel-bent system vs 4380 for a press-bent one (in Perth). Is the extra cost worth it?
  5. I know those are words but all I see are dollar signs and up arrows. It almost always goes into gear, the only occasions it hasn’t is when I was being a bit....overzealous with my driving and asking a bit much of the transmission. Hopefully the gears are okay. Squalled, how many kms had your car done when it got the transmission rebuilt?
  6. Well, this guy said that a normal gearbox overhaul would be "$1550 plus hard parts if needed, that means gears/synchos/shafts - whatever's not in a rebuild kit." so I'm assuming that's like seals, bushings etc. I'm still gonna look around and see what other shops can do. I figured that $1600 - $1900 would be a pretty fair range for this job, but I'm not a mechanic so what do I know : |
  7. Ahh that’s what I was looking for, cheers. I’ll give it a go soon but if I’m gonna keep this car long I’m gonna have to do the rebuild later down the line anyways. What do y’all reckon is a fair price for a rebuild like this? I got quoted $1500 excluding gears, synchros etc. Also planning on changing the gear oil soon with the Motul Gear 500 so I’m pretty excited to feel how much different it’ll be.
  8. Yeah, I think I’m gonna be going down that road soon but I thought I’d try a quick diy thing first
  9. Hey peeps, I’ve recently been having problems with my Sportivo cruching into 2nd gear and thought I’d try the clutch adjustment procedure. I’ve looked high and low and can’t find the specific document about the bulletin released about this wayyy back. Could anyone help a brother out with my issue and post it bulletin please (or if you had another solution for the crunch)? Thanks

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