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  1. I've got the 2018 4 cylinder Camry and as this is my first Camry I don't know what the previous versions of the Camry are like to drive. I do know I've admired the looks of Camrys over the years. I just know I've seen video reviews that say the current Camry is based on a new architecture and that there are some improvements in driving it, including the way it handles corners. Is there really a noticeable difference compared to the previous version?
  2. I must admit I put mine into normal mode on the highway because I don’t want some idiot tailgating me.
  3. I’ve mainly stuck to economy mode, in my 4 cylinder Camry. Lately I’ve used normal mode for a couple of return trips down a few kilometers of highway, doing 80 to 100. This past week I’ve spent twice as much money on petrol as I’ve done in past weeks. I’ve been using 95 RON. Could using normal mode make that much of a difference? Or maybe I’m just accelerating too quickly.
  4. I have the regular SL with 4 cylinders. At one stage I was considering a hybrid but I only average 16,000 kilometers per year. Admittedly that will likely go up slightly, now that I have a much nicer car, but I still couldn’t justify buying a hybrid with the low kilometers I do per year.
  5. The first time I used the Toyota Maps to find a petrol station it took me to an empty paddock. I tested the maps the next time I went to the same petrol station, maybe 2 or 3 weeks later, and it took me to the petrol station itself. I was told the Maps get some update via a usb stick next year. But is there some small updating going on in the meantime, maybe through Toyota Link on the smartphone?
  6. I have to admit I feel much better owning a Toyota again. I've asked my friend in the past if he'd consider a Toyota, maybe a Yaris as he likes having a small car, but he's keen to buy another Hyundai. I think he's had a good run with Hyundai, so I can't argue with him.
  7. Yes, I can afford it. I’m filling up less often than I did in my previous car.
  8. I've got the 4 cylinder Camry SL and the driver's manual said I can use 91 RON for my car. But I have been trying 95 RON. I'm finding 95 RON improves my fuel economy by 1 litre per 100 kilometres (according to the computer) compared to the time I used 91 RON. Am I wasting my money by using 95 RON? Although I have heard 91 RON petrol has more sulphur in it. Thanks.
  9. What made you buy a Camry?

    Thanks for quoting that, TIDYWAZZA..
  10. What made you buy a Camry?

    I tried clicking on that but I get a message saying my ip address has been banned. Probably because I'm haven't created an account for that forum. Can you quote part of the post? I don't think I want to join the KIA forums just to read that post.
  11. I have read and heard that Hyundai has made big progress in the area of reliability. A friend of mine owns a Hyundai Getz and he says he'd like to buy an i30. How would Hyundai compare to Toyota now, in the area of reliability?
  12. That's confusing to me. I downloaded the Toyota Link app onto my iPhone and I managed to get the apps working in my car. I did email Toyota to see how much the subscription is to Toyota Link after my warranty period expires, but I haven't had a reply yet.
  13. What made you buy a Camry?

    Basically, my previous car was old and unreliable. It was a Hyundai Accent and within the first few years, after buying it brand new, I had to take it back under warranty about 4 or 5 times. Although, to their credit, Hyundai did fix those problems under warranty. I have to admit that did give me a good impression of Hyundai as a company. I chose a Camry because I'm a tall guy and I found the Accent to be a bit on the small side for me. I was going to test drive a Corolla Sedan as well but I took a Camry for a test drive and I immediately decided that's what I wanted. My Camry is quite simply the best car I've ever had. Before I bought the Hyundai I had 2 Corollas in a row. The Hyundai I bought was a mistake. I have heard Hyundai cars have improved in leaps and bounds in the years since I bought the one I had. But after the trouble I had with my Hyundai I decided it would be too much of a leap of faith for me to buy another one. I guess it's possible I just got the one bad apple from a bunch full of good apples. I still see quite a few Hyundai Accents of around the same age as the one I had, so maybe they were normally a good buy, I guess that's possible. The Camry I now have, by comparison, feels so much more "sure of itself on the road". Plus I've got the 4 cylinder 2.5 litre engine (petrol only) and it drinks less petrol than my previous car, which had a 4 cylinder 1.5 litre engine.
  14. When I bought my car, my iPhone got the myToyota app. I'm very happy with the car I bought from Toyota, I'm just still learning everything about it and I just need help understanding Toyota Link and whether I need it or not. I found the apps on the screen in my car and the manual says I need to connect them to my iPhone using Toyota Link. Or at least that's how I read it. Do I need to download Toyota Link? Will the myToyota app be updated later, to take over from Toyota Link? I read that Toyota Link usage though my iPhone is free during the warranty period. How much is it to use after that? Thanks.