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  1. I've got a small chip on the edge of each of my front doors. No signs of rust. I bought a small bottle of touch up paint from the Toyota dealer. I was told to just clean the spots with a wet cloth and then to dry them before applying the paint. Are their good videos on how best to apply the paint? I have a small bottle. I don't know if it has a brush applicator in the bottle. It says it takes 24 hours to dry. Does that mean I can't drive my car for that long? I've attached a photo of the paint bottle Thanks.
  2. I have driven automatics before I bought my Camry. But that was years ago and until this car I've only owned manuals. I'm showing my ignorance about automatics here. How smooth or otherwise would automatics in other current models of cars be compared to the six speed automatic Camry? I have a 4 cylinder 2.5 litre 2018 Camry. I'm still getting used to what seems like a gear change where it revs up somewhat at around the 70 kmh mark. I won't mind if somebody tells me the automatic transmissions in the Mazdas or Hondas are smoother (i.e. the non-CVTs) as I wouldn't have bought either of those cars for other reasons anyway. I mean, I feel suspicious of Mazda's iStop (I don't want the car to decide for itself to stop the engine) and Honda was just too expensive for my budget, plus Toyota has the reliability I need. Thanks.
  3. My friend is looking at a Hyundai i30 non manual and I notice the cheapest non manual i30 has a DCT. I’ve never driven a car with DCT. Are they just as reliable as an automatic if you keep the car serviced regularly? Could they be more expensive to maintain in the long run? Thanks EDIT: My friend has changed his mind. He’s now interested in a car with a CVT.
  4. Both my friend and I are in our mid 50s, so “long term” is a definite possibility. I’ll put that to him and see what he thinks. Thanks.
  5. Thanks Hiro. I got confused about the size comparison. I might just get my friend a brochure on the Yaris but ultimately I’ll have to let it go and respect his decision.
  6. My friend is about 1.8 meters tall. Would the current model Yaris be about the same size as an i30, or would it be smaller? He’s currently got a Hyundai Getz, so he’s used to small cars. I could suggest he compare the two but it’s really up to him. He wants to buy an automatic. I don’t know how that would affect each choice of car.
  7. I understand the Camrys in the US have some 360 degree view in the multimedia screen, presumably from combination of sensors, which helps with parking. I can see how that would be very useful.
  8. I figured it out. I went into Setup, Navigation, Favourites. Then I’ll saw the options to edit and delete.
  9. I checked the manual and it says to click on "Edit". But I can't find the word "Edit" when I'm in the Favourites list. Thanks.
  10. I've been using Caltex 95 RON for my Camry. The myToyota app gives me a small discount at Caltex. But I'm not sure I'm getting the best fuel economy. But, from memory, a mechanic I once spoke too said BP Ultimate was found to be the best followed by Shell. I think he mentioned a third brand, but I forget what it was. Thanks.
  11. Yes, interesting that KIA has a 7 year warranty but I don’t think I’d feel comfortable buying a KIA. I’m sure there are plenty of happy KIA drivers but it’s just not for me. I used to like the look of the Volkswagen Jetta. But that was before I read the bad news stories about Volkswagen. I think I made a safe bet by returning to Toyota.
  12. To be fair, the Hyundai dealer did fix the problems I had under warranty. Some people even said that was a sign I should’ve stuck with Hyundai. If we accept the universe is infinite in size then I’m sure out there, on another Earth, there is another version of me driving his new Hyundai Sonata. One problem, which did get fixed under warranty, was my problem with the steering wheel. The rubber, or whatever it was, slowly started to come apart in the grip of my right hand. Hyundai replaced the the steering wheel under warranty. But even the new steering wheel started to “dissolve”. I stopped the problem by putting a steering wheel cover on it, only a very small amount disappeared this time. This was a problem I’ve had in no other car I’ve owned. It sticks in my memory as the oddest car problem I’ve ever had. The manual gearbox also had problems. Again, that was fixed under warranty. Just meant I was off the road for weeks, from memory. I guess that other version of me, on the other Earth, owned a Hyundai Accent that gave him no problems.
  13. This is actually my third Toyota. Before I bought a Hyundai I owned 2 Corollas in a row, the first a 1987 hatch back manual and the second a 1998 Corolla Seca csi manual. The Hyundai I bought was a mistake. As I've said elsewhere, I've heard Hyundai cars have improved a great deal in quality but I decided not to buy another one. I'm sure a brand new Hyundai, maybe an Elantra or a Sonata, would've been a big improvement over my old car but I just felt I wanted a Toyota again. I was going to test drive a new Corolla, with CVT, as well but I test drove a Camry first and it just felt right for me. I'm a tall guy and after being stuck with a Hyundai Accent for so long the Camry just felt so comfortable. This Camry is also the first automatic car I've ever owned. Being larger than my previous car, driving the Camry after I bought it at first almost felt like I was "driving a boat". I honestly don't know how I would've coped without the proximity sensors, especially the cross traffic alert as I reverse out of my garage. Also, the inside of the Camry seemed like a spaceship compared to my previous car. But I'm used to it now. I'm 55 and I'm currently working casually, after getting my degree at the age of 50. I needed a car that was much more reliable than my old car as well as being more comfortable to drive and not too expensive to own over the long run. I'm very happy to be the owner of a Toyota again.
  14. Before I bought my Camry I'd use Google Maps on my iPhone. But now I find just using Toyota Maps is just so convenient, with the screen and not having to look down at my iPhone every so often. Although I have found the Toyota Map to make the odd mistake and I was told it will be updated next year, with some usb stick at the dealer. What do other people think of Toyota Maps compared to the other apps like Google Maps and Apple Maps?
  15. I've got the 2018 4 cylinder Camry and as this is my first Camry I don't know what the previous versions of the Camry are like to drive. I do know I've admired the looks of Camrys over the years. I just know I've seen video reviews that say the current Camry is based on a new architecture and that there are some improvements in driving it, including the way it handles corners. Is there really a noticeable difference compared to the previous version?