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  1. was just wondering if anyone knew of any compatible chips for this model
  2. ok chaps thanks for the advice but i dont have a family and i would rather spend my money on my atx because at least it wont leave me, i have a little hilux as my daily driver an im thinking of going mental on the aurion
  3. Hi guys just moved to nt and bought my first child all the way from qld with me as you can see it is australin flag blu aurion.htm
  4. Hi guys am new to the page an looked for the performance thread i found through google but cant find it. Just wondering if anyone has advice about getting my 2015 ATX Aurion chipped turboed and intercooled, i want a sleeper that will eat anyone that looks at me funny, but am not sure where to start, if anyone has by chance done this to there atx i would like to pick your brain before waltzing into a performance shop and watching my wallet be pillaged Cheers in advance pic for atx attention