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  1. Thanks for your tips Ashley, I'll definitely run with them. I had a look at coolers and you can pick up the supposedly superior 'stack plate' designed ones for not much more than the others so I'll go with that I think. Any suggestions on that front?
  2. Hi there, Relatively recently I inherited an '04 Mark III Avalon Grande (219,000 km) which is in great mechanical condition. I absolutely love it and do not want to part with it (the ride quality surpasses big late model European sedans I have driven). I'm preaching to the converted here though.. I am also the owner of an old 5 metre fibreglass boat. I have seen wildly varying estimates but I believe the total weight including the trailer and accessories is no more than 1500 kg. I am yet to take it to a weighbridge. The trailer is braked and in very good condition. There is plenty of power on hand to pull it but I am worried about the transmission. Should I be? And if so would the installation of an aftermarket transmission cooler be of benefit? I can't justify buying a diesel 4wd as my daily just to tow a boat throughout the summer.. Any advice and suggestions would be much appreciated! Jim