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  1. Yes, thats about the long and short of it. They TRD does visibly buck more under hood when reving compared to my at-x, there is no doubt. But obviously not enough to wear mounts, the new was as good as the old with 100k on it.
  2. Ok, after getting quoted different prices for TRD Aurion Front mount versus All other Aurion front mounts, I noted that local sales rep strongly hinted that the word 'TRD' was making a significant difference in quoted prices. OKAYYYY??? -hint hint. What i have learnt is, regardless of what is shown in the various pictures online for Aurion Engine mounts, they are all the same and they are all some kind of overly complex nonsense Vaccum type thing. Having changed mine for a new one, the engine still bucks more than I am used to and much more than a stock Aurion running the same enginer mount. I wish I just had a solid chunk of rubber because I can feel the slight amount of backlash coming on and off throttle, perhaps TRD developers thought we wouldn't notice. the Aurion mount has a solenoid of some kind on it and two air tunes back to various parts of the induction system. I didn't test, but its' possible disconnecting the solenoid may or may not cause an engine light. Either way, I'm sure it's much more comfortable than a chunk of solid rubber. The mount that had done 100,000kms had no more play in it than the brand new one, so don't waste your time with it.
  3. I tracked down my problem, inner RH CV Boot had split and the grease was flicking onto the belt.
  4. This is simply going to make the tyres rock hard. Manufacturers can make a tyre that lasts 200,000kms already, and I think Coopers already make a few product lines with very hard compounds to lasy almost 100,000kms, they don't need a secret recipe aditive to formulate these compounds. But when cars running said tyres ended up wrapped around trees every time it rained or it got featured on "The Project" for having a tenth of the grip of a normal tyre they would stop selling them again. Tyres are a compromise longevity, wet and dry grip, noise and comfort. What a dumb video for trying to promote it as some special secret or having no ill side effects, although If I had a complete hunk of junk to test it on I probably would give it a go for giggles. They used to do very hard compounds in the old days, I had a pair on my 1985 Golf GTI some old grandad had fitted them. It was a complete death trap, especially in the rain. What a mong for putting on a belt, the belt won't last forwever, it'll crack and split.
  5. So I'd like to replace the front engine mount on my TRD. Replacing the 'dogbone' rear mount has done a lot of good, I would expect the front and rears to be the two that take the most punishment due to the torque from the engine so I'm going to do the front also. There appear to be several types for sale online. a) There is some kind of hydraulic or vaccum version with tubes coming off it. I know it's not that one for my model. I guess this is some kind of 'active' engine mount b) There are 'passive' hydraulic type engine mounts without tubes c) I am hoping there is a solid rubber type mount, but struggling to identify them for sale online Does anyone know if c) exists or is standard fitment on any models of aurion? Or should I be using a b)? What do you know on this subject?
  6. Has anyone toyed with alternative Tyre Sizes on the TRD Aurion Rims? Stock size is 245/35 R19. This equates to a rolling diameter of approximately 654mm. I'm thinking of going 245/40 = 679mm. I'm seeking more comfort, reduced busted rim risk. As a secondary outcome, I wouldn't mind more rim protection. Tyres with actual Rim protectors don't seem to be particularly popular, perhaps a slightly wider tyre might contribute. What good results have any of you had with alternative tyres on the TRD rims?
  7. My second Aurion Actually. I have been a VW and VAG fanatic since 17yrs old and my first car, although I have had MANY cars in the last 17yrs since then of many makes. Only couple years ago bought an elderly AT-X aurion after abusing the heck out of lease camry's for work. Smashing through heavily rutted and pot-holled dirt tracks at work repeatedly for weeks on end in a ''boring' camry, we just could not break it. Everything was still tight and neutral after weeks of abuse. So I thought I'd join the club. The wife likes the aurion so much, we just got the TRD.
  8. You're a star mate, thanks for posting. Played with it some more and their is virtually buggery wrong with it. Whatever it is just seems to be a veeeerrrrry slight mis-fit somewhere. I'll check I've got the new idler pulleys and if not, that's where I'll start. Thanks for posting. So I need two correct?
  9. Ah yes, The Oil line replacement Tutorial covers what I wanted to know. signs of a quality forum! liking it so far. EDIT UPDATE: Ok, so after watching a bit of youtube, there was a method to check serpentine belts. Spray water on the belt. If the belt is slack, the water lubes it too much and it squeals even more. If the belt is tight, but the belt is out of alignment somewhere, the water lubes the belt and the squealing stops. If there is a dodgey pulley somewhere, the water will change absolutely nothing and the pulley will keep on squealing. So after a few sprays, it seems I've got something ever so slightly out of alignment somewhere because the squealing immediately stopped after only a couple of sprays on the supercharger pulley. Perhaps it's not the alternator pully as I first thought. I'll give the engine bay a good degrease and clean because the quoted videos also said that dirt and foreign matter could also be causing a squeak. Is this a common one for Aurions? Found so many serpentine belt/pulley related topics online.
  10. Hi Guys. My new TRD Aurion makes a squeak that's sounds very similar to this one: https://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/39853-issue-with-squeal-coming-from-engine-area/ I'm a mecanically minded guy, so happy to tackle this sooner than later. It seems I probably don't have the tools to remove the pulley from the Alternator, but besides that minor issue, are there any guides on here in removing that belt? Seems a little different on a TRD in that it also appears to wrap around the supercharger, but a guide for a standard Aurion will do. I'm looking for answers to things like, how to release the tension on the belt. This should allow me to whip out the alternator to inspect. Other minor issues I'm experiencing, Engine seems to rock a LOT more on the TRD than my stock Aurion. The dogbone engine mount appears to be fine on inspection, do any of the other mounts wear out? I'm going to put a new one in because it's a 10minute job for that one. Or does the TRD just rock more due to the additional poke? anyone noticed on comparison?
  11. Hi guys, I'm new owner of a TRD Aurion. Will be posting some queries in the mechanical sections soon. Thanks for all the resources and help. Good website!