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  1. Thanks for that, i still need to do more research on the boost cut defender. Is it as simple as buying and installing yourself? The problem was a blocked fuel filter/ fuel pump was dropping its pressure when revving up. Got a new walbro pump and new filter..
  2. Also, is there a list out there somewhere of LSD diffs that would fit an A60 1981 Celica? Are there lists that show the interchangability of toyotas? :P
  3. stock turbo, (cut and flipped around) so a little more restricted. Boost hasn't been messed with (so i think about 7PSI isnt it?) -How do you set boost cut in a factory setup? It has old 91 fuel in it but not too old. Running a v8 commodore pump..
  4. Good to be here.. After being to the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology http://www.tcmit.org/english/ late last year, i have a new found respect and interest in Toyota. What an impressive company and more often than not, great products.. #_#
  5. My drawn out project is coming to an end. All the running gear and engines working fine BUT: When i give it some gas around 2.5k revs it splutters/farts and kinda cuts out. I have a feeling/ been told sometimes the Automatic ECU needs to be bridged into neutral mode. Maybe i get a manual ECU as i really cant afford getting a Link computer at the moment. Are there any suggestions or thoughts? Much appreciated.
  6. I've just finished my ~5 year project of putting a 3sgte in an old celica. (She still has problems though). Its been a mission.. But now im thinking of spending more money and time on it. V_V