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  1. Yes...i think they just don't want to deal with it. They even replicated the noise but it was nothing compared to the noise it made when i was driving. Seems no one wants to do anything about the fact that the brakes intermittently do not work so not sure who will be responsible if I have another accident.
  2. Literally just picked up the car from the dealership again and it still shudders when i apply the brake but they tell me there is nothing wrong and nothing out of the ordinary!!???
  3. Hi, I am new to the club. I bought a brand new SR5 last year. Upon having it for 7 days, the brakes failed and caused an accident. At the time of the accident i was not traveling at high speeds, was around 35kph. The dealership i bought it from did a diagnostic check and deemed that there was nothing wrong. The car was repaired by my insurer and I continued to drive it albeit apprehensively. It has been a few months now and I washed my car through the carwash - upon exiting the carwash and applying the brake (again at low speed) a horrific sound came through the cab and the whole vehicle was shuddering and the car was not slowing down. The car went back to the dealership and they have again said that it is nothing, it was because there was water on the brake pads. I am apprehensive to continue driving this car or let my wife drive it....i am worried that I will have another accident again that could cause a fatality next time. Has anyone experienced this before?