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  1. Just thought I'd update in case anyone searching for an answer knows what I did to change the light and may find it useful. After I pulled out the original filament lamp and essentially broke off the leads I used a blue T5 wedge LED, but got rid of the plastic wedge base and snipped a bit of the leads off. I then simply pushed the leads into the small holes where the old globe came out from and didn't bother soldering or anything. Essentially when you put the cigarette lighter assenbly back together, there is no chance for the LED to fall out and it works nicely. Just make sure you get the po
  2. Are you guys talking about shoving T2 type LEDs into the socket by bending the leads?
  3. Has anyone ever figured out a way to replace the cigarette lighter globe? I took my globe out of the lamp holder, but I think the whole lamp holder is perhaps some sort of specialty auxilary lamp. It appears the lead in wires broke off the plastic base. I have some photos attached.
  4. Seeing that there hasn't been a response, I thought some images might help in determining whether you think the external damege is significant enough to affect the vehicle's value.
  5. I am considering selling my '02 Corolla Ascent ZZE122R sedan because it's getting up the km's (just passed 220,000km) and I've been browsing some new vehicles. This was actually my first car and has served me well for the last 5 years. However, I have no experience selling and have a few questions to ask. I'm not looking to sell immediately, it may be within a few months. So I have time to fix anything that may need fixiing in order to get the car its best resale value. Fixing dings in the bodywork. Will this make a significant difference to my selling price? I have two areas that need to be
  6. Chriz

    Clock light

    Wow, I'm bringing back my own really old post. I haven't been on this forum for a few years. I never ended up changing the clock bulb as I changed my audio system which showed the clock anyway, but now I'm considering changing this as the air con light is also out. My car is 2002 (MY03) ZZE122R. Is there a guide on how to dismantle the console to access the bulbs?
  7. I got a pair of H7 Osram "Cool Blue" globes recently. The quality of light is great and it does produce a whiter light, but they are by no means blue. They still look yellowish depending on how you look at them. They are only 4000K though. Does anyone know who's the best for 6500K + halogen globes that would still be legal to use? I want my headlamps to be slightly blue. I've seen some really blue ones. I'd guess they were about 8000K. As for HID, as far as I know, the after market stuff would in most cases not be considered street legal.
  8. I'm in Sydney, so unfortunately you're too far away. The thing is, in the last few days, I don't recall it flashing. It happens on odd occasions and not others.
  9. How much can one expect to be charged for that to be done?
  10. Hi guys. My '03 Corolla sedan which has done ~107,000 km just today had the SRS airbag sign come on and it keeps flashing. I checked the manual, which says if this occurs I should take it to a Toyota dealer immediately. It is a busy time of year around this time, so I was thinking of putting this off till later, perhaps Monday. I have not been in an accident recently, so I do not know what has triggered this. Do you think it is an important issue which should be addressed immediately? Can I take it to any Toyota dealer to be inspected? Thanks for your help and advise in advance.
  11. Chriz

    Clock light

    I'm located in the Liverpool region of Sydney. Aren't the back lights actually LEDs as opposed to bulbs with filaments?
  12. Hi guys. I don't know if this sort of thing would have been discussed previously, but here I go anyway. I bought a 2003 Corolla sedan recently and the in dash clock works, but for some reason the back light has never worked. I assume that the clock should really be illuminated by a green back light. Can the back light actually be shut off and turned back on again, or does it sound like the LEDs or circuitry have gone?
  13. The only difference on the outside of the face lift Corolla sedan, is the front grille and the rear tail lights with the chrome type rings around the indicator and reverse lights, which look pink.
  14. I prefer the front end of the sedan. Lights and grille look slicker and more stylish. The rear end is so-so. But like the Yaris the two variants don't really seem to look much like each other,
  15. Will the squeeking stop over time, or should I take it back to get them bedded in? I haven't bothered looking into checking them out recently as I've been busy, but today after a while of driving, they seemed louder and more annoying.

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