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  1. Hello, KAA, and thank you! Howdy, Wrapt. I wasn't aware of the Blade Master but I am now. So many different and interesting models available JDM, especially compared to the often bare-bones spec limited range here in Australia. I've been pleasantly surprised with the economy with these; long journeys I get 12+ km/L and around town I average about 11+ while I am not an extremely conservative driver (although I drive a lot of freeway routes).
  2. Item: 2010 Toyota Estima Aeras Leather Edition (Black on Black) Location: Manning, WA, 6152 Website: Carsales Item Condition: Used Reason for Selling: Imported two on behalf of my Mother with the view to selling one of them. Price and Payment conditions: $26,500 Any additional information: ~26,000km (Export Cert supplied). English owner's manual provided. Black leather interior. 11 speaker sound system. Guiding reverse camera. Both rear doors remote powered. Heated front seats. Airbags everywhere. Traction control. Vehicle Stability Control. Brake Force Distribution. Factory 18" wheels. Factory Aeras bodykit. Dual zone climate control. Excellent condition (Grade 5 at auction). *Note that the Head Unit is G-Book from Japan and FM radio frequencies are not the same as locally. There are ways around this.* Really a very nice car! Shipping: Not willing to organise shipping on behalf of potential customer. Contact Details: David. daver at inorbit dot com, please refer to Carsales ad for phone number, or reply here!
  3. Howdy all! David here from suburban Perth, WA. We imported a couple of cars last year: 2006 GSR50W Estima Aeras G. 2GR-FE V6 and a large selection of G options (11 speaker sound, dual power doors, etc) 2007 Mark X Zio. Kind of like a fat, 6 seat leather Corolla with a 2GR-FE. On the same platform as the RAV4. We also imported a couple of Estimas for my mother at the same time. 2007 Aeras Special Edition and 2010 Black Aeras Leather Edition. We look forward to being a part of the community here! David.