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    1KZ Problems

    Hey All, in a bit of a pickle, my 2001 Extra Cab TD Hilux (1KZ i'm pretty sure) just stopped working, I was driving it on my land with my father, I wen't through a little mud bog to get to the place i needed to be and it was fine, then on the way back through the bog engine just cut out, No warning no bangs no weird sounds just stopped. I first though it was water ingestion but after inspecting everything seemed to be water tight (Checked Snorkel, Air box, Engine and Turbo) in fact there was no water or mud in the engine bay. We tried to restart the engine and it turns over and runs on its own power for about 3 seconds, you can hear the turbo spool up and all, then it just stops, there is fresh diesel in the tank and the warning lights are off. I think it might be the fuel pump or the fuel filter (Checked everything i am comfortable checking, Air box, oil fuel tank etc. and everything seems to be in order) It conked out on a hill, is it possible scum in the tank has flown to the back of the tank and the fuel pump is now clogged? anyone on here that can give me some pointers? As it is just sitting out in the rain atm waiting to be fixed. Thanks
  2. Hey all, I have a question for all of you, just wondering if a 2011 Extra Cab (1.5 Cab) Tray would fit a 2001 Extra cab, are the bolt patterns for the tray the same?