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  1. I did and the sales rep said that due to the vehicle being off touring in the country taking paying customers it was difficult to get to a Toyota workshop at the recommended servicing intervals.
  2. I am looking to buy a second hand Hilux diesel double-cab 2017 model and have done various internet searches for sales sites. I get the Toyota dealers, Autotrader, CarSales, Cars Guide, Car Giant and Gum Tree. Are there any other sites where owners advertise their Hiluxes for sale? Thanks.
  3. I'm considering buying a 2017 SR diesel ute with 32,000kms on the clock from a Toyota dealer. Looking at the service log today it was first serviced at 12,000kms by a Toyota garage. The 20 & 30,000km services were done on the same day by the Toyota dealer now offering the vehicle for sale, in January 2018. It was previously owned by a country tour operating company that changes its Toyotas every 12 months. The body and interior is very clean with no marks and the underside and engine compartment are also clean. The manufacturer's new car warranty runs to March 2020. Is there any reason to be cautious about the irregular servicing at new?