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  1. iDi0t

    Central Locking Issues

    Hi, Do you know how to reset the ECU and are there any potential issues I might face in doing this? Thanks
  2. Hi, I have a 2013 Toyota Kluger which has developed an issue with the central locking. It started with one door randomly not locking / unlocking when either the key fob is used (both of them) or the door lock/unlock switches. After a while of this the door just doesn't respond. This process has now reached the fourth door and I think it will stop working over the next few weeks. The whole process has probably taken a few months all up. On its last service I asked the mechanic (dealer) to have a look. They have just said it's your door actuators which aren't under warranty. I have contacted Toyota to find out if they should only last a short time before failing. Toyota gave a standard response that it depends on the conditions etc and that I would need to take it to a Toyota Service Center (planning to when I can get a day off work). I don't believe it is the actuators but rather a fuse or relay as they have all gone in succession and from what I have read online about them. I can't believe that they would last for only a short period. I have had a 93 Subaru Impreza which had remote central locking fitted and it never stopped. I am wondering if anyone else has had this or a similar thing happen to them? If so what was the fix and did Toyota cover anything? Or know of any aftermarket central locking kits for the car? Thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions.