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  1. Thanks Trent, Some tough decisions then for this week. Hopefully the less than accurate advice we received regarding the vehicle will carry some weight or potentially we’re thousands in the red :(
  2. Hi Trent, yes unladen, so assuming that even if it’s only 70lt water tank, gas bottle and a fridge added to the trailer, how much is that going to increase the towball weight? Cheers
  3. Hi all, We’ve recently purchased a camper trailer after seeking advice from both the trailer manufacturer, suspension specialists and ARB. I had some reservations about the tow bar setup on our 2007 RAV4 so did the research. As soon as we got the trailer (off-road hitch), the problems became apparent. I had to remove the mudguards on the trailer as it sat too low. The chains did strike the ground also a couple of times on the way home. Weights are within limits (tow at rated 1500kgs, 175kg ball weight - camper trailer is 1000kg unladen and 140kg towball). Have had airbag suspension i

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