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  1. NEED HELP REMOVING LOWER CONTROL ARM TRANSMISSION SIDE (no clearance to remove bolt!! Hi all. I have a V6 Toyota Estima 2008 model (2GR-FE engine) and am having heap of issues trying to remove the lower control arm on the transmission side. The main headache is trying to remove the bolt that goes through the front bush on the control arm. I have tried everything... I had removed transmission mount and front engine mount and jacked up transmission, lowered subframe and pushed down control arm with pry bar but still no clearance to remove bolt. I ended up dropping the transmission pan, removing one of the pins from the wiring harness in the transmission, and jacked up bell housing on motor... I only just managed to gain enough clearance to remove the bolt. My question is.. is there any other way to remove this bolt other than dropping the transmission pan.. (cost me a lot of time and money from purchasing new WS fluid, gasket etc ..) I had thesame issue on the driver's side but ended up dropping the motor oil pan. Thanks. Pete from Australia