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  1. Thanks a lot guys I'll get down to it tomorrow I'll will give an update when I get the things done
  2. Hey squalled I must admit it hasn't seen a oil change for some time it's over by 2000kms so the video is everything I should check correct the lift engaged normaly before only a few days ago it's happen but when it did I turned the car off for 20minutes then drove again and it engaged but now nothing just revs to 7k and stops
  3. Hi guys wondering if anyone could tell me why my lift won't work /won't revo past 7000rpm just rev bounces I had the lift bolts replaced 4 months ago to stronger point lift bolts but today driving just didn't engage in lift and rev cut off at 7000rpm also I might mention when I turned the car off for 10minutes then drive again lift did work but only once then went back to not revving past 7000rpm any help would be great

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