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  1. Hello All, I bought a vehicle two days ago that has a Toyota diesel engine fitted to it. From what I could see after scrapping lots of detritus away - the engine number I found reads: 0299706. Did I miss some more numbers or letters? Can anyone identify what this engine was originally fitted to, what its date of manufacture is, and where it was made? For Toyota purists you may wish to stop reading here ... The engine was fitted by a previous owner to a 1970 Series 2A Short wheel base Land Rover. I have now owned the vehicle for two days and I posted my find on the Australian Land Rover Owners (AULRO) forum and a number of members suggest the engine could have been out of Dyna. If you can identify the engine's details from the number please let me know so I can get an Owners' manual for the engine. I look forward to your replies. Thank you in advance. Kind Regards Lionel