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  1. Thanks for that. i'm getting an average of 11L/100km. (mostly smooth driving) Work is slow until financial year and i'm on a tight budget. For what ever reason tyre pressures have been in KPA for the Avalon. (210kpa) had me head scratching at the servo. A quick conversion on phone returned 210kpa as around 30psi. That confused me because usually most cars sit around 34psi from memory and 30 seemed v low. So i just put 34psi in. Any idea what thats about?
  2. Hi fellas, had a set of scales in the garage and was rotating tyres. Thought i'd pop the full size spare onto them. It came in at 40kg! Thats a substantial bit of weight to be lugging around considering fuel prices are 3 year high and climbing. Has anyone swapped their spare for a space saver? I was thinking of swapping them over but not sure if thats possible, the Avalon is a heavy car. Do i just need to match 5 stud bolt patterns with 110mm spacing? Anything to look out for?