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  1. Toyota camry fog light problem

    Hi guys, My car is 2004 toyota camry sportivo V6 MCV36R. I change my fog light to LED light bulb half year ago, it works great during the time. However, it”s not work today suddenly . I check the fog light fuse and it is blown. And then I replace the new one. I turn on the fog light again and the new fuse blown again! Can anyone have any solutions of that? The fog light fuse is 15A. Do I need to change bigger which is 20A? or I need to replace thr fog light? But I think thr fog light still working! hope you guys can give me some solutions ! thanks
  2. Transmission oil problem

    It’s ATF FS.
  3. Transmission oil problem

    HI guys. My vehicle is 2004 Toyota Camry Sportivo V6 ( 1MZ-FE ) Engine Recently, I bought the Penrite full synthetic Transmission oil from Supercheap Auto However, I ask the Penrite official website, they recommend I use semi - synthetic Transmission oil instead of full synthetic Transmission oil. So I wonder will it be a problem I use full synthetic Transmission oil ? or I need to do a refund to change the semi - synthetic Transmission oil? I am so confused what is the difference of them The user Manuel recommend we use DEXRON@ III OR DEXRON@ II for 1MZ-FE Engine while use the T - IV on 2AZ -FE Engine. Hope you guys can help me! thanks have a good day! Regards, Marco