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  1. I change the other fog light which is fine now. But the old fog light is working on the other car. I cannot figure out what is the problem of it.
  2. I bought a 2013 Camry Atara Sx recently However, there are some wind leaking while driving Finally, I found the problem which is shown in the photo. The second one is no problem at all, the first one is the source that wind leaking comes from. I search the Youtube and some forum, I cannot find any solution that can help me through. Wind leaking is a annoying problem. So how can I fix of that? How I can take the pillar off? Or I need take out the chrome trim first and then take the pillar off? I mean the bottom chrome panel trim, not the top one. Pl
  3. Alright, I will try to do it , thanks mate
  4. HI guys. I am looking for the Toyota Camry 2012-2014 Camry SX My budget is around 12k to 15k However, it is hard to find the SX model no matter in carsales or gumtree Is it my budget is too low or the demand of this model is shortage? Feel free to comment below to discuss with me All Camry brothers, any other way can find the Camry SX? thanks! Regards, Marco
  5. Hi guys, My car is 2004 toyota camry sportivo V6 MCV36R. I change my fog light to LED light bulb half year ago, it works great during the time. However, it”s not work today suddenly . I check the fog light fuse and it is blown. And then I replace the new one. I turn on the fog light again and the new fuse blown again! Can anyone have any solutions of that? The fog light fuse is 15A. Do I need to change bigger which is 20A? or I need to replace thr fog light? But I think thr fog light still working! hope you guys can give me some solutions ! thanks
  6. HI guys. My vehicle is 2004 Toyota Camry Sportivo V6 ( 1MZ-FE ) Engine Recently, I bought the Penrite full synthetic Transmission oil from Supercheap Auto However, I ask the Penrite official website, they recommend I use semi - synthetic Transmission oil instead of full synthetic Transmission oil. So I wonder will it be a problem I use full synthetic Transmission oil ? or I need to do a refund to change the semi - synthetic Transmission oil? I am so confused what is the difference of them The user Manuel recommend we use DEXRON@ III OR DEXRON@ II for 1MZ-FE E

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