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  1. Hey guys. I have an unknown aftermarket head unit i am trying to put into my rollie, but when i go to plug in the harness for it (not fully just touching the pins) it starts to click two or three times a second. I've looked into the issue but cannot find anyone describing the same thing. If you can imagine a dvd drive trying to suck in a disc and it gets stuck, clicking over and over. That is what this sounds like. I'm trying to plug it in and getting this ticking without the key in the ignition The wires all match and are done correctly just as they were with the Sony stereo from the previous owner My ground is not relocated I cannot figure out what it is, other than the fact i haven't plugged it in fully. Theory is that the cd drive is just resetting or the noise just happens when it gets power again but i have no clue. SO before i get charged a $60 call-out fee to get someone to come look at it- what do you guys think? If you guys need photos let me know.