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  1. Maybe they should race them at Bathurst plus the Magna's! On redbook, they have the Commodore at 8.7sec for 0-100kmh. The camry is 8.8sec. When you put the boot in, the RWD Commodore should be better than the bum dragging Camry off the line? Now the AU shows 8.2seconds with 30 extra kW's!! But you only see these on the side of the road these days.
  2. Hi All, I've been driving my 2016 camry for 10 days now and done about 1,500kms. I was wondering how high does the battery level go in your Energy screen? Mine always looks like it'll never completely fill up with 1 or 2 bars missing from full? From what I understand the HSD system looks after everything but I'm just wondering if mine doesn't go to Full because it's 2nd hand and perhaps the batteries are degraded? I have nothing to compare it with. Other than that, it's a fantastic car and I usually get about 5.0l/100Km on my trip to and from work around Melbourne. Thanks.
  3. Hi antscamry, I had a 2010 Outlander before this. There wasn't much else I looked at besides the Corolla hybrid but decided that was too small with 3 children. I was really after a car to reduce my fuel bill and the Camry is cetainly doing that already. Do you have the new Camry? Which model and what's it like? Cheers.
  4. I always heard as a rule of thumb that you could go one size bigger(width) on the supplied rim. Unfortunately, you won't know until you try it...
  5. Hello, Just purchased myself a 2016 Camry Hybrid. Got it Wednesday, serviced on Thursday and taken away for the weekend on a 800km trip. Used 1/2 a tank and measured consumption as 5.88l/100km. Fantastic stuff. Cheers, Andrew.