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  1. Ok, the problem is with the reverse gear, there is something not holding it together or not switching/shifting as it should. When I am at the traffic lights, and I shift from P and R several times then to Drive, car accelerates as normal. The problem somewhere in the gear box, or transmission valve body. So nothing to do with foot brake as I've thought before. If I go to the mechanic I can supply him with 8L of PENRITE LV Automatic Transmission Fluid, I think that would be enough if he decides to do a complete flush.
  2. Thank you for all the information. I did another refill last night, took car for a drive afterwords for sometime with several stops on the way, the car was going, accelerating very smooth. I've thought that problem has been fixed. However this morning went for a drive with my family and same thing high revs at low speed. On red light while waiting, shifted gear between N and D for sometime. And acceleration went back to normal. But car still was not going/gliding as it is supposed to be, the take-offs were a bit heavy. Ok, now I think it is also something to do with the foot brake. I've noticed that most of the time when I start the car it moves like a tank or there is a boat behind. And other time when I start and move, the car goes very light and smooth. This evening went for some drive starting and stopping with the foot brake on and off. I may think there something to do with that foot brake, some times when I release the brake it goes as it should with excellent acceleration and then with another stop, start and foot brake release there is some heaviness in the car and high fuel consumption. I tried to look up for the brake hold up but could not find anything. What would be the best way to trouble shoot the foot brake. Do I need to check/adjust every wheel? I think this might be very tricky procedure.
  3. How did you know that your first attempts were wrong?
  4. Maybe there is not enough fluid in the transmission drum. Even I did level check in the pan, do you think it would be a good idea to overfill with 3 litres more and then level it again? What would be the best way to make sure there is enough fluid in the drum?
  5. The problem has started after the ATF change, at first it was all good, after 6,000 km, suddenly no acceleration. But sometimes the car drives well with no problem. I put back the same amount, what I got from the pan, changed filter as well. Recently, I also tried to level it up by warming ATF till 41 degrees, filled with more fluid then drained access, and even tried to to add an extra 200ml, I think it was suggested by someone in the forum. Unfortunately that did not help. Thank you, I will take a closer look at the Knox Automatics, their customer feedback looks excellent.
  6. I have problem with acceleration from 0 to 60 with high revs between 2k to 3.5k. Once I reach 60 and above car drives very good. So the problem is when I take off at traffic lights, the car does not go. It seems that the problem is between 1st to 3rd gears. The fuel consumption comes to about 15L and above. However sometimes when I start the car it drives and switches gears as normal. Fuel consumption comes down to around 12L, city driving and 7.5L – 8.5L on highway. When the car has been taking for a drive, for some period of time and then I do reverse parking, I can hear noise coming from the front side of the passenger seat, just where the transmission is located. The noise is similar to a small motor of a kid's toy. The car has done almost 130k. I did OBD check and it did not show any errors. I've heard that in a similar situation, it is usually problem with the transmission valve body that needs to be replaced or fixed. Has anyone done DIY repair of the transmission valve body and could make some suggestions? I was looking for transmission mechanics in Melbourne a few car repair shops suggested J.Pringle Automotive but after looking at their reviews I've changed my mind. If I don't find the problem myself I may take it to Top Shift Automatics or Fluidrive Automatic Transmissions. If anyone has a good experience with other transmission shops in Melbourne, please let me know. I've found informative video on U660 transmission and may try to inspect the valve body myself, before taking it to the shop. I've thought taking to the Toyota service but then I think they don't fix/rebuild transmissions, only replace with new ones. I looked on eBay, the used valve body can cost around $700. I have changed my spark plugs, cleaned throttle body and changed oil. I did change ATF as well about a year ago with Penrith ATF LV, Just whatever was in the ATF pan. I may think that the change of ATF killed my transmission at the end... Also when the car does not accelerate I try to stop the car and move gears, from Park to Natural and Drive several times and sometime it fixes the problem.