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  1. Awesome car mate! The photo quality is top notch. Thanks for taking the time to not only update the forum with your progress, but for putting effort into it. I was really keen to buy a Sportivo but unfortunately I couldn’t find one in good enough condition while looking for a new car, so instead opted to get a 2015 Corolla Ascent (CVT) Reading through this post and seeing all the progress you’ve made on the car is inspiring to say the least, especially seeing you go from your green Ps (which I’m on currently) to full license while keeping the Corolla just goes to show how f
  2. Hi all, Does anyone have experience installing an aftermarket head unit in a 2015+ Toyota Corolla Ascent Auto (ZRE182R)? I've recently had a sub and amp wired up to the factory head unit using the line out converter built into my amplifier but it sounds terrible. Attached is a photo of what the head unit looks like in my car. Do the factory units in these cars cut bass at higher volumes? Is the factory unit poor quality? I'm looking at installing a Kenwood DMX7017BTS (https://www.kenwood.eu/car/navigation_multimedia/multimedia/DMX7017BTS/) and also want to retain my factor

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