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  1. Muffler mart penrith. Top job fair price
  2. The 4 speed auto is no slouch. Mine seem to go 0-100km/h is high 7s.. Thats gotta be competitive with a falcodore
  3. So how many have done this mod? Thoughts?
  4. Update.. Has not done it again. I noticed the air box was not closed properly. Where is clips in wasnt in so letting in hot air. It could be just a mixture of cold air and very hot underhood air going in concurrently? Ive fitted it up and checked tightened all intake pieces. Perfect idle for a few days.. drove 4-5 hours the other day and perfect
  5. I did fill it with 95 octane fuel about 20 mins beforehand. Usually use 98 octane. Shouldnt be a problem though as they are ok even at 91 octane. I have cleaned throttle body etc about 500km ago. I did again this morning but its all sweet now. Weird phenomena Anyone think it could be air cond? Car was stop start in traffic a fair bit at the time. Could it heat up too much? It just was all over the place with the idle. Up and down hunting from 500rpm to about 1000rpm.
  6. I did fill it with 95 octane fuel about 20 mins beforehand. Usually use 98 octane. Shouldnt be a problem though as they are ok even at 91 octane. I have cleaned throttle body etc about 500km ago. I did again this morning but its all sweet now. Weird phenomena
  7. Perfect at 99,999km but went crazy idle at 100,000km
  8. I have a 1998 camry v6 auto csi. It just clicked over 100,000km.. I was taking a photo of the odometer at 99999... when it clicked over to 100,000km it all of a sudden had a crazy idle??? Bang on 100,000km it started. It was all over the place idle from 500rpm to 1000rpm.. up and down.. engine was shaking.. I had air cond on a time. I turned it off, turned car on and off but still did it. Drove car about 2-3km and it was driving ok but idle was shocking. I stopped into petrol station and was looking under hood. Undid air box and i could hear it sucking, stopping,
  9. But front wheel drive is kniwn to out more of the engine power to the wheels. Rwd transmission and diff takes away more power. So the commodore and falcon engine power on paper be alot closer than it seems
  10. I have a 98 camry csi v6 auto. Low km good condition and drives quiet and smooth. To go back 20 years I was always a commodore / falcon buyer. Never considered the camry v6. Having matured, i have taken a likening to the camry v6 for its known reliability. Geez it drives well for a 20 year old car. My question remains would this camry outrun a similar 1998 AU model falcon i6 auto or a 1998 VT commodore v6? Why did i ignore these cars so long?
  11. Might make sense to check the under carriage of a toyota kluger.. that big body would need the extra torque especially awd model... i wonder if the merge pipe is squished like aurion??
  12. No engine check lights at all. This is not a header replacement. Only upgrade of merge pipe
  13. UpDATE I also have a 3.0 v6 camry. I checked it underneath. It dont have the squished pipe. It has a nice flowing merge. Im wondering why toyota intentionally had it squished up for aurion.
  14. How do we think our camry v6 98 model would go against a v6 commodore or 6 cylinder falcon of 97-00. Sure the camry has slightly lower power and torque but the camry is lighter a d being front wheel drive should put more of that power to tyres than a rear wheel drove.
  15. I actually bought my camry as i also owned an aurion. I thought geez they are good things (after owning many commodore/falcons). So i bought another. I never once considered a camry as opposed to my commodore or falcon but im a convert. Toyota make a simple car, keep it simple and reliable. Its so difficult to develop the reputation of toyota reliability but many car makers shoot themselves in the foot by releasing a dud model somewhere along the line. They never claw back the reputation. I think the ford falcon AU model from 98-2002 was the most ugly car ever built, in my opini
  16. $3k. Very good cond. Low km, loooong rego and new tyres all round. Also had timing belt done two years ago. No leaks on driveway at all and transmissions seems good. Car is basic in its appointments but it feels tight to drive, about as quiet as the aurion to be honest, steers wheel. Its old but it seems pretty solid.
  17. Bought a 1998 camry csi v6. It has 98000km and in good condition. The 3.0 v6 is a nice engine. I like it as its a bare bones car with v6. Not many things on it to go wrong. Are this model considered reliable. ? I also have an aurion and bought the camry to share the load a little to keep km and maintenence down on the aurion.
  18. Yeah read that thread before but no real outcome / conclusion was stated? Mine is definately going better than standard. I think its not just the bigger collector that removes the squashed pipe restriction but also moving the join of pipes further back helps. Gasses cool as they progress from engine back through the exhaust, the dual pipes merge further back and into a less restrictive collector. Unfortunately I have not dyno tested the before and after gains but posted videos to evidence it goes pretty good and sounds completely stock.
  19. Mod the front engine pipe as i did. Solid gains. Where the pipes squish up
  20. Someone else get it done and report back with the results. Show my photo if exhaust shop scratches their head about it. One exhaust shop said to me, if you want a v8, buy a v8.
  21. As for the rest of he exhaust? We inspected it and didnt see much of a restriction at all down the back. Unless the rear mufflers are severely restricted inside, they didnt look bad at all. Its far more important to uncork the pipes closer to motor than back of car. The exhaust gasses are much hotter and flow faster the nearer to motor. As they go downstream they considerably slow and cool where restrictions will matter less. If anything you want it to step down in size slightly as it gets to the rear to maintain exhaust velocity. Also at the moment car sounds absolutely standar
  22. Totally agree about new tyres will reduce my axle tramp / wheel spin. But problem was far less before this mod. The standard configuration exhaust seems to limit torque just enough to provide a clean getaway. But this mod gives you benefit of extra torque on takeoff and after your getaway right through rev range. I will eventually get better tyres to get my takeoffs effective but as i also drive sedately 99% of the time, i will enjoy this mod moreso for the increased torque / more effortless performance and hopefully fuel economy benefit.
  23. And here is your 80-120.. notice it up top in the rev range. Pulls nice n hard over the stock car. 20180825_174018.mp4
  24. Another careful takeoff but traction control cuts in up top 20180825_174909.mp4

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