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  1. Hi So I have a 2006 Yaris 1.5L Manual and I do around 600k-800ks a week. A lot of driving as I travel to work and back (2 jobs) and uni + travelling. I am getting an average of 15.65 kms per L from my mix of stop start/highway (80-90kmph) driving. It is mostly highway driving I would like to have an extra fuel tank in the car as LPG in Victoria right now is 44% the price of petrol . LPG goes for 74 cents in some servos and ULP is around $1.60-1.67 I don't know if LPG tank in the boot will affect the fuel efficiency in any way. Last month I travelled over 600kms in a long trip with 2 passengers (one passenger 67kg other 59kg) and still got 15 KMPL on a long trip. I'm planning to keep the car for a few years so is this a good decision considering i will be travelling a lot of ks in this car ? Do people install LPG systems in 4 cyl cars? Is it worth it without the gov rebates? Thanks
  2. Mostly highway driving (80 kmph), some stops start traffic here and there as well.
  3. UPDATE So I bought the Yaris last week (2006 Yaris 1.5L Yrs sedan , 42L tank) and filled her up to full tank. Resetted the trip meter I hit 501km on trip meter with 2 bars left on the fuel meter. I saw a low price fuel station and and went for a fill up , I was only able to fill 32.3L with 2 clicks . Which means the tank had around 10L left for those 2 bars So 501km / 32 L I used = 15.65 km per L? How is that even possible? This car is amazing on fuel or my calculations are wrong ?
  4. Wow that's pretty good My elantra did 480ks before the fuel light came on . 53L tank
  5. Hi so I just sold my car (Hyundai Elantra 2.0L ) which was using a lot of fuel in stop-start traffic. Was not a big fan of the car I am looking to purchase a yaris 2006 sedan model which is a manual. I am aware that the fuel tank is only 41L, how many ks can i expect out of a full tank ? Because my hyundai only 8 or 9 kmpl with gentle driving, should i be expecting better with the VVT 1.5L engine of yaris and how much of a difference ? thank you