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  1. Balance and alignment done, drive shafts and cv joints all checked and in good order, engine and trans mounts also appear to be in good order... still have a vibration.
  2. Just had a closer look at the axles and cv joints. The passenger side is solid, no movement at either cv. But the drives side has a one or two mm movement at the inner cv joint, enough that you can hear it clunking as you move it. Is there an acceptable amount of movement at the inner cv? There is no clicking when I do a lock to lock turning test in forward or reverse.
  3. Cv boots are in good condition, no play in the wheels at all when grabbing at 3/9 o’clock and rocking, or when grabbing at 12/6 o’clock and doing the same. Private sale, sold with roadworthy after the engine torque rod bush was replaced. I took it for another run this morning and the vibration can be felt in the steering wheel, but not as much as it’s felt through the body. I’ll try a wheel balance and alignment first and go from there.
  4. Hi everyone, i picked up a second hand 2008 Kluger KXR FWD with 165k on the clock on Friday. When I road tested it prior to buying I didn’t notice this issue but now that I’ve had a couple of days with it the issue is pretty noticeable. When accelerating while already in motion, predominantly when travelling at 80+kph there is a significant vibration from the front what is felt through the whole body. Normally i would have suspected wheel balance/alignment but the vibration isn’t felt through the steering wheel. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it engine mounts? Something in the drive shafts? trying to get an idea of how many $$$ I’m up for before I head into a mechanic.