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  1. My 2013 Hilux SR head unit is stuck on a loading loop. It's the Fujitsu Ten model 100248. Any hacks? Good places for repair? Out of warranty, can't replace it with another model apparently and the dealership says they can't order one for me to do it myself. Thanks in advance.
  2. I want to flush the radiator in my 2013 Hilux with a KUN26R deisel but there's no radiator cap. What's the best way to fill and bleed it?
  3. Could be a wiring saddle with water in it? Maybe water in the injectors? Have you ever drained you radiator and replaced the coolant? There's no radiator cap so where do you put it in or bleed it?
  4. The rear latch on the driver's side sliding door is stuck in the locked position with the door open and so, the door will not shut properly. I have tried unlocking it with the remote fob-key (other door locks operate) and moving it manually with no luck. The plastic cover on the latch mechanism has come off and i have removed as much of the remaining plastic as i can and checked the fuses just in case. Need to get this fixed ASAP so the car can get a roadworthy inspection- rego due 3 days ago! Thanks in advance for any help.