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  1. Found the solution/files online. Mods can delete this post or I can help someone else who is in the same boat.
  2. Thanks, mate. I tried with your files for a few days but didn't work. Luckily, I managed to find the files from a UK forum which worked the very first time the SD card was loaded on. Happy to share them for anyone else in need. Cheers. Thought to update here in case I could help others!
  3. many thanks for to the tip and a very prompt response. I will try that.
  4. Hi David Just wondering how did you manage to get it to work? Did you just format the SD card to FAT32 and copy paste the files? It doesn't work for my unit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My unit is 100184
  5. Anyone has any ideas or solutions? The above mentioned link is broken. I have the same issue.
  6. Hi everyone, I recently had a flat battery on my 2012 Tarago (MY13) but the head unit / radio / entertainment unit needs resetting. It is asking me to insert an SD card to install the program or activate the unit. I never received an SD card from the previous owner. Any clues on how do I get it running again? Thanks BJ