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  1. Yeah thanks Ian I will do. The tail lights really protrude from the body, an unnecessary design/style feature in my opinion & maybe this is also contributing to the issue. I notice the newest Klugers (from 2017 onwards) have restyled tail lights which are more flush to the body. Photo of the water in the left tail light below.
  2. Hi There, I own a 2014 Kluger and have recently noticed some rain water (about 20mm approx) has made it inside my tail lights both left and right. Has anyone else had this problem with this model? I’m worried Toyota won’t cover a replacement/repair bill because the car is out of warranty even though this appears to be a defect with the design or sealant used when manufacturing the tail lights. I’ve never had an issue like this before with previous Toyota’s I’ve owned?!?! 😞